Keeps On Getting Better | YOU Season 3 (2021) Review

you season 3 2021 review
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Season 3 of You is comical, dark, sexy, twisted and pretty much everything you want all woven together into one of the best shows Netflix has come out with.

Penn Badgley has emerged as a skilled and crafted actor far beyond any pretty boy series portrayals of the past. What is so impressive about the acting between and Penn and his leading lady, Victoria Pedretti, is how accurately and consistently they infuse the exhaustion and tension of being new parents with a mutually sorted past. Dylan Arnold as the creepy college boy next door is headed for major stardom with his layered captivating craft. Also what a joy to have writing capture all the modern-day eccentricities of social media queens, keto freaks, and newly wealthy tech nerds. Add in a modern-day suburban derangement theme and you have another gem of a season.

The star of this season is undoubtedly Victoria Pedretti’s character, Love. She’s now one of my favorite characters of all time. Love is COMPLICATED, to say the least. If we can pretend the things she does are the thoughts we all have to protect what’s ours in our most base of moments in a real relationship, a committed relationship, this show becomes very personal. Obviously, her biggest fault is that she’s too impulsive and that costs her in the end but her motivations were so much better than Joe’s. Therefore, it’s sad to see that she doesn’t get a reward in the end but this has always been Joe’s show. But I think this was a good opportunity to set up a Love spin-off as the show now feels redundant. It’s ironic that I have absolutely loved all three seasons of this show and yet, I am not interested in Season 4. This season also lags a little in the middle as it easily could’ve been two episodes short but that’s not much of a big deal as long as Love keeps on hitting people on the head.

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This story is so much more than just a romantic, dramatic, and thrilling ride. Not only did this season demonstrate the struggles of marriage and the dangers of the internet and social media, but it also showed the story and perspective of two conflicting characters in a near-perfect way. The protagonists, even though, does horrible things, you will find them sensitive, funny, and savage sometimes. And that’s the beauty of its writing. It can help you to understand people better, or to plan a murder (hopefully not!).

Overall, this season does a great job exploring human nature, relationships, people’s motivations, their good and ugly sides, and questions the morality of all characters. You might find yourself rooting for the bad guys at times, even. Don’t try to judge anything by just watching this series of characters. Because it doesn’t justify anything it just tells the story of a person with valid past reasons.

K- Score: 92%

STW: 27/30, D: 23/25, C: 8/8, E: 4/5, PVD: 12/12, A: 10/10, S: 8/10