WEST SIDE STORY Disappoints | BOX OFFICE REPORT (13/12/2021)


In a calm before the Spiderman hurricane next week, Disney and twentieth Century’s West Side Story appeared in the lead position with an expected $10.5 million. The expensive Steven Spielberg coordinated melodic featuring Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zegler appeared on the low finish of assumptions, which had would in general go from $10-$15 millions heading into the weekend. In spite of exceptionally solid critic audits, awards buzz, and the implicit fanbases of both the melodic and Spielberg, crowds simply weren’t too inspired by West Side Story. West Side Story opening just beneath the $11.5 million beginning of In the Heights back in June feels particularly dreary given that West Side Story opened only in cinemas, while In the Heights opened simultaneously on HBO Max. 

It fared surprisingly more terrible abroad, where it scraped up $4.4 million out of 37 international sectors, carrying its first-week worldwide absolute to $14.9 million.

west side story box office


In the wake of driving the box office for the previous two weekends, Disney’s Encanto was down one spot to complete in a nearby second with $9.4 million. Encanto declined only 28% from the last end of the week, as the film’s solid audience reviews now seem to kick in. Encanto probably likewise got somewhat of a lift this end of the week from certain moviegoers who eventually decided to see it rather than West Side Story. The film has a domestic total of $71.3 million until now.

Abroad, the film has attained $80.5 million, carrying its aggregate overall all out to $151.8 million.


Sony’s Ghostbusters Afterlife was down one spot from last weekend to put in third with an expected $7.1 million. Closely following last weekend’s sharp decrease, the film re-settled this weekend by declining an extremely strong 31.5%. Ghostbusters Afterlife has earned $112 million in 24 days, which right now positions the film as the 10th most noteworthy netting film locally since the pandemic. Globally, Ghostbusters Afterlife earned an expected $6.4 million this weekend from 53 markets. Until now, the totals for the film remain at $52.7 million abroad and $164.7 million worldwide.

ghostbusters afterlife review


House of Gucci declined one spot and a decent 42% to take fourth spot with $4 million. The Ridley Scott coordinated drama featuring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver passed the $40 million local mark and has earned $41 million in 19 days. Internationally, House of Gucci kept on intriguing with an expected $10.1 million from 63 markets. That carries the film’s abroad absolute to $52 million and current worldwide all out to $93.0 million.

house of gucci box office


Disney’s Eternals earned an expected $3.1 million to stay in fifth spot. The film was definitely boosted with Spiderman releasing next weekend. Eternals held up pleasantly as the film was down a thin 24% from last timeframe. The 38-day all out for Eternals remains at $161.2 million. Individual current sums for Eternals remain at $234.1 million internationally and $395.3 million worldwide.

eternals box office

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