TICK TICK BOOM (2021) Movie Review

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I’ve been eagerly waiting to see Tick Tick Boom ever since In The Heights. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for musicals and if you watch this movie then you can understand why. It was well worth the wait. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an absolute genius.

The story is so honest and original, while also being very universal. It’s thought-provoking and really displays a lot of great themes throughout the film. I think what Lin did with the story really brought us to the mind of Jonathan Larson. He was able to use Jonathan’s songs and visually present them in a way so that you enhance the story in ways the script or book can ever do.

Also, the cast did amazing. I loved seeing Andrew Garfield in the leading role. After watching this I would have never known that he was not a singer. That really show’s that he prepared so much for this role. I also hope he gets some recognition for awards from this role. The supporting cast was great as well. Robin de Jesús was definitely someone whose performance stood out to me. His voice sounded amazing throughout but something that was very impressive was when he had his serious moments with Garfield. Alexandra Shipp, Joshua Henry, and Vanessa Hudgens did really well as well.

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I can fully attach myself to this story because I am an artist myself and as an artist, you go through the world with big dreams your whole life. As a child, it’s you can be anything you want to be and the world is waiting for your greatness. However, when you are an adult still believing in that dream everyone around you seems to be intoxicated by the demands of the world. You fight and fight for the opportunity to just share all the fun things boiling in your soul. So many people get discouraged and give up on those dreams but Jonathan Larson kept going he kept creating.

Overall, the emotion portrayed by every actor is so intense, that in most of the scenes you could practically feel the same emotions, and feel like you’re in the same room. The music is wonderful and makes you feel things you never thought were possible. The only drawback is of course it’s a streaming film. This should’ve been a cinema release. Definitely, a must-see, or at least give it a try, and definitely one of those movies that leave you starstruck while the credits roll on the screen!

Rating: 5 out of 5.