THE TOP 10: Movies of 2020

THE TOP 10: Movies of 2020

Many times the respective years are remembered for the major blockbusters that were released in that particular year. 2019 was best remembered for Endgame, 2015 for The Force Awakens, 2009 for Avatar, and so on. But that was not the case for 2020 as this year would always be remembered for the Covid-19 Pandemic and its effect on the globe. The film industry suffered as much as any other sector. While streaming was always a problem for theatres, it became a nuisance in 2020. Though, not it’s its fault as governments all around the globe closed theatres and basically every other crowd gathering area. Wherever the cinemas were open, movie studios did not listen to the cries of theatre owners as they chose to send their films straight to streaming.
I am not a fan of streaming films. I think streaming should only be for TV shows and low-budget films. That is why every year my list includes as few streaming films as possible but that is not the case this year. Of all the films listed in my ranking this year, I only watched one of them in the cinema, which was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. While my country Fiji was spared the full brunt of Covid-19 with cinemas open from July straight, there weren’t many of any new releases.
My rankings are based on my personal opinion and ranking system. I know many people will have their own choices which might not even include any of the films in this list. That’s okay because rankings are meant to be subjective.



top 10 films 2020 pieces of a woman


K- SCORE: 84%

Coordinated by Kornél Mundruczó and featuring Vanessa Kirby, Shia LaBeouf, Benny Safdie, and Ellen Burstyn, Pieces of a Woman is an unfathomably grounded and seriously close to the home storyline that follows a youthful mother’s home birth that closes in misfortune.

This is, totally, Vanessa Kirby’s film. She’s absolutely extraordinary in the main job with her exhibition standing apart as outstanding amongst others I’ve seen in a long time. She draws us inside Martha’s psychological state to the point it seems like we’re sitting inside her brain watching out at the world through her eyes. She passes on the disarray, outrage, and destruction of what her character is proceeding with massive power that, staying there in the pick dark, shocked me to my center and while she doesn’t act out a wide scope of feelings, those that she does are actually what you’d anticipate from a woman in her situation.

top 10 films of 2020 the assistant


K- SCORE: 87%

The Assistant is a film by director Kitty Green. The film stars Julia Garner as an entry-level assistant working for a film production organization in New York. The film goes to extraordinary lengths to zero in on the particulars of her everyday life, and we see this world through her eyes. Green spotlights on her lead character in a stifled climate with a controlled camera zeroed in solely on driving character.

The Assistant is surely a very well-made film with a profound spotlight regarding the matter it managed. It’s an enlightening film with keeping your eye and ear stuck to the entire film and that is its prosperity.

top 10 films of 2020 happiest season


K- SCORE: 89%

A warm, unusual, and superb grasp that is rejuvenated with authentic consideration, is described with genuine sympathy and is perfectly moved by its exquisite women, Happiest Season has all the makings of a vacation exemplary. Aside from offering its watchers a sprightly decent time, it likewise familiarizes them with the often alarming, troublesome, and the life-changing cycle of coming out to your friends and family.

Happiest Season is irrefutably quite possibly the most charming, endearing, and soul-mixing stories to surface this year. Transmitting exceptional warmth as it so happens and showing a genuine fondness for its characters, the film is a stunning enjoyment for everyone. It is unquestionably bound to turn into a Christmas staple in the years to come. Neither the plot nor the filmmaking is ground-breaking yet there is such a lot of heart and delicacy to it that one can’t resist the urge to root for it.

top 10 films of 2020 mank


K- SCORE: 90%

Rejuvenating Old Hollywood in awe-inspiring subtlety and fueled by one more crushing grandstand from the consistently dependable Gary Oldman, and furthermore offers a fascinating look into the impact and inward activities of the 1930s Hollywood industry through his smart eyes and searing mind.

Mank is an aggressive and venturesome endeavor that presents David Fincher in the unlimited authority of his specialty yet it likewise isn’t a story that will fulfill everybody’s sense of taste. You might not connect to the characters or the film emotionally, but you will know how Hollywood worked in the 1930s as the Mank’s scenes and dialogues are a perfect reference to that. All things considered, Mank has its benefits yet not at all like Fincher’s most popular endeavors, it neglects to abandon a permanent engraving.



K- SCORE: 90%

We all know how creatively groundbreaking Christopher Nolan films are. TENET is one of them, even though, it’s not as perfect as many other Nolan films.

I was lost for most parts of the first half. Not because I wasn’t able to understand the story, but because there was nothing to understand. Nolan deliberately made it too complex to understand it in the beginning. But it all came together in the second half. Although, I know many people would’ve left the cinema during the first half. Although, these are the brain-challenging complexities that make us love cinema during a time where it’s been dominated by us being spoon-fed brainlessly simple ideas for far too long. Many people see the complexities as a flaw, but I see it as an asset. Maybe because I have been grown up being forced to watch the 99% garbage which Bollywood makes. Sure, many people won’t understand it the first time, but that’s how a blockbuster should be. These are the kind of movies which once understood, would remain with us. These are the types of movies that assure us that there is still content left in Blockbuster films.

top 10 films sound of metal


K- SCORE: 92%

Fueled by a solid, energetic, and heartfelt grandstand from Riz Ahmed, Sound of Metal conveys an extraordinary and enthusiastic crazy ride that will figure out how to hit home for most watchers, if not all. Unquestionably among the better movies of the year, it is a riveting and resounding story of energy, enslavement, acknowledgment, and rediscovery, and is delivered on-screen with both empathy and thought.

Sound of Metal is a reliably captivating and sincerely grasping dramatization that rides rather vigorously on Riz Ahmed’s exceptional acting and complete commitment to his job. The characters, including the hero, are a long way from completely fleshed in the content however the energy and responsibility the entertainers bring to their separate jobs in any case help steer the story past the end goal.


top 10 films palm springs


K- SCORE: 93%

Lively, enchanting, and convincing all through, Palm Springs brings the Groundhog Day recipe to its rom-com reason and adds a couple of changes that solitary wind up giving some invite moves up to the time loop subgenre. The story doesn’t trouble itself with what’s causing the time reset and basically takes the thought and goes for it.
Palm Springs is a clever and inspiring lighthearted comedy that overflows with life and expertly balances its kind components to give a reviving joy that is holding as it so happens and stays a charming and engaging charge for the total of its runtime. Guided by Andy Siara’s flavourful content and Barbakow’s lively bearing and supported by Samberg and Milioti’s right on target science, Palm Springs is an absolute treat.

top 10 films minari


K- SCORE: 93%

Minari is critical generally because of its perfect troupe, with Youn Yuh-Jung being the supreme feature, who played a profane, very humorous grandma with a major heart and a delicate soul. Those characteristics are actually what gives Minari its genuinely necessary passionate forces, as they are what keeps a family nearly self-destructing monetarily and sincerely stuck together. The idea of the American dream has been so scratched into the personalities of foreigners, and Minari, a film about the worker encounters, brazenly indicated the more obscure side of being a pariah in America, with enough precisions and regard, to in a split second build-up itself as quite possibly the most socially critical motion picture of the year.
Minari is a crude, endearing, piercing, and in some cases, heart-wrenching ride loaded up with lovely cinematography and striking exhibitions and investigating incredible topics. We need more movies like this one.




K- SCORE: 96%

The Way Back is a feeling fuelled sports dramatization, set in the ball court and controlled by a crushing lead show from Ben Affleck. The Way Back follows a previous secondary school basketball star carrying on with a scarred life and covers his redemptive excursion after he chooses to accept the position of instructing the place of his school’s basketball team.
The Way Back is an extraordinary blend of refined course, deft composition, dynamic camerawork, handy altering, and heavenly lead act. It is an inviting passage in-game dramatization sort. Putting resources into the enthusiastic excursion and allowing it to deal with the game viewpoint, the film is predictable, to say the least yet both O’Connor and Affleck convey the merchandise with what’s available to them, accordingly making The Way Back one of the best films of the year.


top 10 films: never rarely sometimes always


K- SCORE: 100%

A touching, heart-breaking, and bracingly applicable outside the box that beats at its most intense during the calmer minutes in the middle, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a limited scale however effectively resounding dramatization that handles its troublesome topic with judiciousness and without bias, and is magnificently moved by the strong exhibitions from its youngsters.
Never Rarely Sometimes Always is an earnest, ardent, and truly moving outside the box show that profits by Hittman’s formed heading and reasonable composition, and is additionally raised by sincerely fascinating contributions from both Flanigan and Ryder. The documentary-like methodology, quiet camerawork, and relaxed speed fill in as necessities to this character-driven story while quality work from its cast makes it even more compelling and advantageous. Quite simply, the best film of 2020!