THE NIGHT HOUSE (2021) Movie Review

the night house movie review
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The Night House is a psychological horror based on the influence of death. The film rotates around the life of Beth, a 40 something teacher who lost her husband recently as he shot himself sailing in a boat with their home being at the banks of a river.

It is a decent film with several memorable moments. Rebecca Hall was perfect for the role and executes her character well. It’s not often you get chills watching a horror film without any visual ghost appearance. This film executes that perfectly without even relying on those cliche jump scares. The film has some very interesting moments and Rebecca Hall’s acting definitely lifts the film during even its flat scenes.

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This film is really intense and scary. It’s not like the other movies but in a unique way. I would understand why it would be a hit or miss on that end for some people but the story together with the sounds and transitions will literally give you chills. You will also enjoy the horror elements a lot and especially the way they built tension.

Overall, it’s a very atmospheric and tense, well-made, film. Visually it’s shot nicely and the audio is quietly suspenseful. Hall handles the main role with strength as a woman grieving a recently dead husband who seems to still be present in the house he built for them. The story unfolds impressively, answering the questions and revealing dark twists along the way. Cinema is back!

K- Score: 90%

STW: 26/30, D: 21/25, C: 8/8, E: 5/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 10/10, S: 10/10