THE LOST CITY (2022) Movie Review

The Lost City (2022) Movie Review
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The Lost City was good entertainment but it does not offer anything new to the genre nor does it even try to. The plot about finding a hidden treasure has been done many times before and this one doesn’t even get to par with any of those until the last act. Although, it’s the cast and chemistry which keep it afloat.

If you eliminate the forced romance, the actual plot would have made for about a 45-minute movie. As long as you come in with no expectations the film is fun but still lacks ample giggle-worthy moments. Where this film loses its way is its plot. They dedicated about only one sentence to explaining the backstory of what the book is about while the main character doesn’t even get much of a backstory either. We are just supposed to know that she is suffering. They focused more on the jokes, references, cast, and location rather than the plot itself.

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They definitely struggled to mix comedy with adventure in a good way. Most of the comedy just seemed forced or just wasn’t funny. The best laughs were actually in the trailer and some were actually cut. I think I would have enjoyed it more if they just tried to make a serious film because this comedic attempt mostly comes as boring.

Overall, the chemistry between the actors and the third act was the only stuff making this film work. You will be waiting for more throughout the film but that more never comes. In fact, you might only enjoy it until Jack Trainor dies. I love the treasure-hunting or adventure movies, but it’s very sad that nothing really groundbreaking gets made anymore. That’s the problem of every genre, or hell, that’s the problem for the whole of Hollywood nowadays.

Rating: 2 out of 5.