The Conjuring 3 Movie Review
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Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It feels a tad more jumbled as if dozens of pieces of a creative puzzle were never fully assembled. The film also feels somewhat rushed, with the story abandoning the legal aspects of the case and leaving certain characters in the dust. But these types of movies have always been known for their horror elements, so does it win in that department? Yes and No.

If you expect this film to be a detective mystery film, then you will enjoy every minute of it without a doubt. But if you look at it as a horror or thriller, then it will definitely fail you because not only the film is less scary, it’s full of cliche plot points.

This film does not have the discipline to introduce its characters to the audience, therefore, we couldn’t create a connection between them and each other. For example, the show never revealed the background history of that evil lady so it couldn’t generate terror and fear inside us. We never understood her motivations. If the villain is poor, it affects everything affected by it.

Within the first 5 minutes, Loraine begins having incredibly cheesy, flash-like visions that are never explained as to how. There is a lot of CGI involved with the possession of the child that is poorly set out. I fully understand that film is about supernatural existence but come on. The demons doing unexplained things is fine a possessed human is still a human whose body follows the laws of physics of this world.

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The film overall looks like a detective movie where the detectives are searching for someone who is forcing innocents to kill others and forces them to commit suicide. This part doesn’t even have a demon in it, as the antagonist of this movie is a human. Watching a horror movie where a human is the main antagonist and you don’t even have a demonic character makes it less scary and this is where the movie fails. Of course, as long as that character is developed well, it works but that’s not what happens in this story.

All in all, it had a few scary parts with some bad CGI and payoff but it also had an interesting story concept as well as good characters. Although, it lacked the interest of demonology and the horror feel. Good enough if you like these kinds of movies.

K-Score: 60%

STW: 16/30, D: 16/25, C: 6/8, E: 3/5, PVD: 5/12, A: 6/10, S: 8/10