THE ASSISTANT (2020) Movie Review


The Assistant is a film by director Kitty Green. The film stars Julia Garner as an entry-level assistant working for a film production organization in New York. The film goes to extraordinary lengths to zero in on the particulars of her everyday life, and we see this world through her eyes. Green spotlights on her lead character in a stifled climate with a controlled camera zeroed in solely on driving character. 
Julia gives a transcending execution that is controlled yet so telling. As an assertion on the #metoo development, this film handles the subject head-on, practically like a narrative. The film’s only drawback is the details in the background. The discourse feels careless, however, what is carved into the characters’ countenances is distinct, uncovering, and upsetting. At that point, the odd mumbled joke, mean aside, made even more significant in their acknowledgment by other people who accept what’s going on is reasonable. These apparently harmless trades make the film profoundly disrupting. 
An essential scene with the organization’s HR is one the best piece of film this year. It detonates on the screen and will be recollected by any individual who sees this film. This is a courageous smart piece of film by Green, who handles a fragile subject with affectability and knowledge. This has the right to be seen by a wide crowd. 
Overall, The Assistant is surely a very well-made film with a profound spotlight regarding the matter it managed. It’s an enlightening film with keeping your eye and ear stuck to the entire film and that is its prosperity.

K- SCORE: 87%

STW: 26/30, D: 22/25, C: 8/8, E: 5/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 8/10, S: 8/10