THE ADAM PROJECT (2022) Movie Review

All Images Copyright: NETFLIX

The trailers cover pretty much all the best scenes of The Adam Project. Therefore, if you want to see how a particular plot moves from point A to point Z, then this film is for you.

Something just felt off with this Ryan Reynolds flick. The plot comes off as fairly standard. The acting isn’t especially bad, though at times it feels as this is only about banter and nothing else. Perhaps as with so many other Netflix stories, this feels like an empty basket of what it should’ve been. Everything is there, yet something is missing.

The problem is that this was a rushed and poorly thought-out idea. They refused to delve deeper into the various characters and just expected us to handle their issues at face value. For example, Adam’s relationship with his wife or father is hard to truly grasp if we don’t have any true backstory besides what the characters speak about. That mostly dulled the intended emotional effects on the viewers. Adam’s journey with a huge portion of the necessary backstory is reduced to fit a time limit.


I also felt that Garner and Saldana were wrongly scarcely used. Both of them, especially with their characters, could’ve offered a lot more to pump the emotions of the story. I get that perhaps it didn’t fit in the plot, but there was no need to get that talent and then sideline it as an afterthought. The demotion of the female characters also felt dated, as though the scriptwriters were reading from a long burnt playbook, assuming that their target demographic was solely male.

For all these drawbacks to what should’ve been a perfect time travel film with a manageable quantity of humor, it still is watchable and offers a lot more. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it as a good watch. There are other films in this genre out there, and most of them are executed better than this Reynolds face value flick with time travel to distract from its sheer familiarity. This is his film, be under no illusions, it’s all about his personality. Nothing you’ve never seen before.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.