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sonic 2 movie review

A Good Follow-Up | SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 (2022) Movie Review

I’ll give the movie credit where it’s due. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was a pretty decent sequel. However, the film was lacking an explanation throughout because of focusing on the unnecessary human elements. It did enough to please the crowd but didn’t stress the extent of its power enough for the audience to become memorable.

the lost city movie review

THE LOST CITY (2022) Movie Review

The Lost City was good entertainment but it does not offer anything new to the genre nor does it even try to. The plot about finding a hidden treasure has been done many times before and this one doesn’t even get to par with any of those until the last act. Although, it’s the cast and chemistry which keep it afloat.

bachchan pandey 2022 movie review

BACHCHAN PANDEY (2022) Movie Review

The trailer, unfortunately, gave away too much of the plot and the film itself falls flat on its objective. It was an idea that had potential but wasn’t executed very well. If Bachchan Pandey only wanted to be a mass entertainer, then it achieves that but it could’ve been so much more.

uncharted 2022 movie review

UNCHARTED (2022) Movie Review

I am not going to compare Uncharted with the game as everyone else is doing since it’s released but the film lacks the spirit and the energy of the character and the rest of the characters too. This is added to the mediocre plot that’s just too easy and nothing adventurous.

moonfall 2022 movie review

MOONFALL (2022) Movie Review

Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall is an insanely stupid film but still much fun as we discover what really is the moon made of as its creating the orbital disturbance. Patrick Wilson can always be counted on to deliver tragic circumstances while Halle Berry is doing it for the cash and good for her. With obvious CGI and a script that had to have the actors howling while they collected their paychecks, it was always made for a good time. Nothing more, nothing less.