As Good As Superhero Movies Get! | SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021) Movie Review

movie review spiderman no way home
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Like everyone else, it’s hard to not get excited about something like this. Though, I am someone who prefers character-driven narratives to plot-driven. Considering that this film involves a big concept like the Multiverse, I went to the cinema with low expectations. But man, this film proved me wrong big time.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is an exquisite, nostalgic, and emotional ride. It literally has everything and has near-perfect execution of the screenplay added with the emotional treat it provides. It offers plenty to all the three generations of Spider-man movies with wit.

The movie perfectly balances the comedy with a slight dark plot to follow. Tom Hollands character is in a story so crowded but he still manages to shine and outdoes himself with his performance. We actually see his character being torn apart for the choices that he makes. That’s what makes a great story. Not the plot but the character’s journey. I am so glad that Jon Watts understood this well. This story feels like a true Spider-Man movie. Tom’s performance is incredible and some of the action sequences are beautiful with moves taken from the game. This feels like the most badass, realistic, and well-presented version of Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield is the perfect hero besides Tom in this film. He completes his redemption by saving MJ, something he couldn’t do for Gwen. This him one of the best film cameos ever. Tobey Maguire did an amazing job being like a father figure to Tom. He takes him through all the pains and sacrifices required to be a superhero. The fun and caring portrayal of Ned added with Zendaya’s amazing performance of MJ as someone who truly loves and supports Tom in every possible way only makes it even more phenomenal.

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Peter Parker delivers the best example of what it means to be a superhero. The fight scenes aren’t plenty but there’s enough of it to get you excited until the end. Yes, there are some exposition problems and it also feels a little cheesy at times but that’s nothing major. Then there are also the villains who carry the film to define and show the consequences and responsibilities of being a superhero and a normal man. The villains in this film also prove that the heroes can’t always get everything they want from the two sides of their lives. That is what makes Spider-Man and Batman stand out the most from other heroes. Also, the interactions of all three Spiderman’s learning the new and the unknown of their alternate selves is what made this story connect the most. The great teamwork and chemistry that this trio performs take the action scenes to another level.

Conclusively, Peter Parker finally realized, accepted, and chose to only get the one side benefit of a superhero’s life. By making the people he cared about to forget his identity is probably the best way to protect the people he loves should there be a new villain threat. This is a film made only to be enjoyed in cinema. So, don’t wait for its streaming release. Catch it in a cinema while you can. It is a must for great visual effects, set-piece, sound, and humor. Overall, Spider-Man: No Way Home is an emotional, funny, character-driven, and action-packed film not to be missed.

K- Score: 92%

STW: 27/30, D: 23/25, C: 7/8, E: 5/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 10/10, S: 10/10