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Shang Chi is a spectacle in regards to action sequence and fighting choreography. Visual effects combined with the martial arts look very pleasing and somewhat well-executed. Another new world of fantasies and mystical creatures seems enthralling. But what the movie has in abundance brought through visual richness lacks a strong storyline for an origin story.

It’s a piece of a average plot; will feet that the pendent will be a particularly indispensable piece of the story. But no. Its simply a guide. And the main villain turns out to be a soul sucking Drogon. Its built up as if its some sort of a interdimensional monster which at no cost should be freed but turns out to be something from Raya: The Last Dragon which could’ve easily been defeated by Earth’s heroes. Staying with Raya, then the climax of this film is exactly like that animated film. Just CGI bullshit. Shang Chi unexpectedly became all-powerful and could handle the 10 rings that has no origin story in this film. The disclosure of his mother’s passing was likewise messily revealed.

Likewise, Shang Chi’s injury and brokenness from his initial years didn’t appear to be telling. The manner in which he managed the aggravation of watching his mother bite the dust, and what we may expect; faulting himself for mother’s passing and his absolute assurance to retaliate for it. Also, considering horrible killings to be a young man, and his undeniable father-son treatment simply didn’t appear to come through in his general person. Felt like the whole focal point of the film was simply cool action and visuals.

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It is essential to get down on that other than the deficiencies of the film, but there were a few pros that ought to be featured. This movie is suggestive of a Kung-Fu movie, with the director doing great to merge the two sorts. It is awesome to see the Marvel universe accepting variety and diversity. The performances including the battle scenes are done well overall. Moreover, the carefree dialogue keeps this film light and family friendly.

All things considered, this film takes walks in making consideration and diversity in the Marvel universe. The combination of genres was an extremely intriguing idea that felt normal to a certain extent. Anyway as a Marvel film, for me it felt somewhat exhausting, level, and without that epic worldbuilding feel.

K- Score: 66%

STW: 18/30, D: 14/25, C: 6/8, E: 3/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 8/10, S: 7/10