SCREAM (2022) Movie Review

scream 5 movie review
SCREAM, 2022. © Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

A very solid sequel in the franchise, Scream (or Scream 5) offers an incredible plot, a great score, and some stand-out performances.

Scream 5 is not a slow burner but is rather quite fast-paced. This is fine, but it, unfortunately, hurts a lot of the characters, particularly with the new cast, as the dialogue and scenes they share don’t do enough to flesh them out as complex and nuanced characters. The kills, though, are brutal and the gore is a grindhouse dream. Although there aren’t many memorable set pieces to differentiate these moments, the performances and brutality more than makeup for it.

The originals were amazing. The cast of the original movie had such charisma, and that really lacked with the new teenage cast, except the sisters. Also, pull back on the kills and give some time for character development! People go back for more when they love the characters, which only happens when you have time to watch them develop and fall in love with them.

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The main drawbacks for the film are first of all the motive of the villains; there are two, and the motive is very lame and I would have preferred better reasoning for that. Second, there were unnecessary hallucinations that Sam has of Billy. It wasn’t needed at all. She doesn’t go on any negative paths other than saving herself in the end by killing someone. So, why is it so important to solidify that she is very much like her father in certain ways? Oh, and the stabs sometimes mean nothing as the characters just walk around as if only being pinched by someone!

Overall, Scream 5 is good, the screenplay is crisp, very gory obviously and they have done it right for the most parts. What it has done very well is the fan service. I highly appreciated that. The kills are also very good and creative. Great job with the cast as well, it was a very clever decision. Recommended if you’re into films like this.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.