RADHE (2021) Review | Salman Khan

salman khan radhe review

When a movie starts with your lead actor running through a glass in light-speed, you know how the rest will unfold, isn’t it? Radhe is a 2021 Bollywood movie starring the Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan. It also stars Randeep Hooda, Disha Patani, and Jackie Shroff. The film is directed by the always-awful Prabhudeva. So, here is my Review for Salman Khan’s Radhe.


Before we get to the nitty-gritty stuff, let’s discuss about the stupidity of Bollywood again, shall we? I know many of you must be tired of reading my Bollywood reviews because it’s mostly the same. But that’s the thing. It’s that all the movies feel the same in this stupid industry. Stars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have decades of experience and stardom in them. If they wanted then they could easily be the pillars of change for this industry. Do something that changes our perception about this stupid and absurd over-the-top industry. Yet, even with all that stardom, they keep on making films like Radhe and Zero. It’s disappointing.


Now, to the film, then there’s not much to discuss apart from it being dumb and nonsensical. Salman is trying to play his own WANTED-type cop film but neither Salman nor Prabhu Deva reaches anywhere near it. The movie starts with some new drug lord Rana (played by Hooda) entering a new city to expand his business by forcing students to sell his drugs. Radhe (Salman) is chosen to deal with this matter. And of course, there is unnecessary inclusion of our heroine (Disha) and songs in between.


The script is obviously poor as it never focuses on a coherent plot. This is not a lengthy movie and yet it feels redundant. The writers clearly ran out of ideas for the second half of the movie. The basic plot is about Radhe chasing down Rana and that is what happens until the end even after numerous confrontations between the two. In fact, the story could’ve ended in any of those confrontations as there are no plot twists or pinch points in the second half. It’s the same basic plot repeating itself again and again. There are no character arcs. The lead is 2 dimensional, Disha is only there to show her body, and Jackie for only the comedy. No transformation, essence, or anything! One other thing of importance to note was the chemistry between Salman and Disha, or should I say no chemistry. It felt completely forced and fell flat. If I were you, I’d rather watch PornHub for better chemistry.


What’s more disappointing is the action and the climax. Almost nothing happens in the end apart from a few over-the-top action sequences. I know we should’ve expected the over-the-top action but the prior action sequences were surprisingly, done really well. That, at least, gave us hope for the climax even without a plot. But of course, we should know more than having hopes for a Bollywood movie nowadays. You know when the story is bad then everything else feels bad. That’s the same for the score, editing, and cinematography. Probably the biggest fault in Cinematography was the quick-camera edits.


Conclusively, Bollywood likes to milk the same formula, again and again, to churn as much money as possible. This Salman Khan film has just one formula; Salman himself. Bollywood’s biggest superstar of the last decade needs to realize that in 2021 a movie should offer much more other than just HIM. I cannot tell you the story because I don’t think even the writer can. I can’t say it’s a disappointment because I never really expected anything from it. MISS!

K- Score: 13%

STW: 2/30, D: 2/25, C: 3/8, E: 0/5, PVD: 3/12, A: 1/10, S: 2/10