ROOHI (2021) Review

Movie Review: ROOHI (2021)

Roohi is a Bollywood movie directed by Hardik Mehta. It stars Rajkumar Rao, Varun Sharma, and Jahnvi Kapoor in the lead roles. While having the premise of a horror-comedy, one would expect at least one of those things done correctly, right? Well, if you had those expectations then I am sorry to inform you that you’re wrong because this film is nothing but one of those illogical trash films which make Bollywood tick. 
The movie starts with our two male leads kidnapping the female lead because their boss took a contract from someone who wants to marry her. Because of some problems, the wedding gets delayed so the two have to take the girl to a storehouse or something, located in a forest. It is there that they both find out the girl is possessed by a spirit who only wants to get married. One of the leads falls in love with the girl while the other falls in love with the witch version of her. This is what makes the plot stupid because no we know that the story is no longer horror and the idea of actually falling in love with a ghost makes it even more stupid. I mean, the ghost literally smiles. I don’t think I have to say anything else about that. Continuing with the story, Rajkumar Rao’s character realizes he has to save the girl so he comes up with a plan to marry her after marrying a dog! That would result in his new marriage being void, hoping that would make the spirit leave the body. Though, as he is about to complete the vows, the girl stops it herself and says that she can’t always rely on others to do her work for her. She completes the vows herself and leaves with the spirit still inside. Yes, I know how stupid that sounds especially realizing what a big missed opportunity this was. We are never shown any back story for the ghost and only know her name. The climax was probably the best part to show her back story. They could’ve shown that the girl and the spirit were actually lovers at one time while the spirit girl getting killed by her own family or the other for being a lesbian. That would’ve made both the ending and the story so much better, plus sent a great theme.
The acting was average since the actors were forced to do overacting on most occasions. Rajkumar Rao has done a decent job but was certainly not at his best. Varun Sharma does what he always does, overacting but that is what he’s always given. Yet, his comic timing was good. Jahnvi Kapoor, even though not having much to do, does well with work in hand. The score is completely forgetabble. The editing is unsurprisingly poor and so is the Cinematography. 
Overall, Roohi is a really poor film that evokes a few laughing moments but falls flat on almost everything else to make a good comedy movie. It’s even worse than other film in the franchise, Stree. Just bury this franchise because it looks nothing else but a cash grabber from the greedy filmmakers. In just one sentence, this is a film which sometimes makes you wonder as to why does Bollywood even exist?

K- SCORE: 24%

STW: 5/30, D: 3/25, C: 3/8, E: 1/5, A: 5/10, PVD: 5/12, S: 2/10