The DC Extended Universe is an American multimedia franchise and shared universe centering on a series of superhero films, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and based on characters that appear in American comic books by DC Comics. After a mixed start, it is now finally catching up to it’s Marvel counterpart.

So, here is my definitive ranking of the DCEU:

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K- SCORE: 94%

Wonder Woman, the fourth portion in DC Extended Universe is an energetically made, adequately engaging and generally fulfilling blockbuster that presents key enhancements over the last DC entry, Suicide Squad.
Set in 1918 during World War I, Wonder Woman recounts the tale of Princess Diana, an Amazonian fighter and demigoddess, who is raised on a protected island detached from the human world. However, when a pilot crash-lands on the shores of their concealed heaven and enlightens them regarding the gigantic clash that has been seething for quite a long time in the rest of the world, Diana sets out on an excursion with him that opens her maximum capacity and leads her to her actual fate simultaneously. 
Wonder Woman is without a doubt huge for various things. Patty Jenkins’ certain heading and Gal Gadot’s charming performance do elevate it to a superior level. Wonder Woman is certainly a positive development, and the female energy and sincere focus it packs is something that isn’t often found in the class it has a place with. So, Wonder Woman is no masterpiece but it’s not far away from it.
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2. BVS: DAWN OF JUSTICE (Ultimate Edition)

K- SCORE: 94%

Batman v Superman brings the best combatant match in the comic books field to the film canvas in the entirety of its true to life magnificence. It is an overwhelming blockbuster that offers invite redesigns in many aspects, indeed prods with fascinating thoughts, and manages to be both a superior and more vulnerable continuation of its predecessor. 
In general, Batman v Superman pits two of DC Comics’ most noteworthy behemoths against each other in what’s a blessing from heaven moment for comic-book fans.  The showdown satisfies its expectations to a degree, and Snyder’s expressive twists further inspire the symbolism. Though, the forced CGI climax is the only disappointing moment. In any case, when it gets things right, it is as epic and extraordinary as any superhero film can get.
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K- SCORE: 83%

Despite the fact that a long way from an ideal re-imagining of Superman folklore and regardless of experiencing hordes of glaring issues, there is an attractive quality to this film that can’t be denied. Furthermore, on a couple of events when it gets the equilibrium right, the symbolism it sets up isn’t just in a flash vital yet in addition notable and stunning. 
Man of Steel handles with an intriguing thought and the aim behind it is an interesting one as well yet this is a task that was rushed into creation before the screenplay was completely figured out and deftly cleaned. A ton of its weaknesses could’ve been redressed with minor changes. However, on account of Snyder’s intrinsic eye for the scene, we do get a visual display that is eye-popping when the mix is correct. Man of Steel may not be the best all-round passage in DC Extended Universe, however, notwithstanding all the perceptible imperfections, its highs stay higher than what other comic book movies we get today.


K- SCORE: 82%

Zack Snyder has delivered with his version of Justice League, shaping it into a character-driven epic of mythic heroes among us. A massive improvement over the heavily CGI coated, significantly changed and the extremely lame version we got from Joss Whedon in 2017, Zack Snyder’s Justice League restores the original vision he had for DCEU shared universe and also gives the viewers a glimpse of the grand, ambitious plans he had in store for the future. Crafted with sincerity and great passion in every frame, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is an epic extravaganza that aptly fulfills its genre’s obligations but also dares to be more than that.
Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the best do-overs one could ask for, for it turns an unbearable atrocity into one of the most amazing and visually stunning features of its kind. The script still isn’t without its shortcomings and the film is also self-indulgent at times but the end product is nonetheless a huge upgrade and is rewarding for the most part. This is an engaging, stunning, and brilliant film that is well worth the wait and viewing. This will definitely go down as the biggest director’s cut in history and I hope this is not the last time we see Zack Snyder in the DCEU. It’s not a masterpiece, but not every film needs to be.
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K- SCORE: 81%

Proceeding with the resurrection of DC Extended Universe from the cinders of Justice League, which severely damaged the establishment’s expectations of imitating Marvel-like accomplishment for their own artistic universe, Shazam! marks another positive development for DC Films. The film is likewise on top of the studio’s new viewpoint and imaginative choice to invest more energy into singular character stories rather than wildly attempting to construct another shared universe. 
Shazam is no distinct advantage except for it makes proficient and successful utilization of the apparent multitude of accessible assets to convey an altogether fun, interminably charming, and easily engaging event that will manage to keep the crowd interested for the significant segment of its runtime. Moving toward the subject from an untainted point of view, keeping its happy touch alive and kicking consistently and fueled by a wild performance from Zachary Levi who ends up being the fitting decision for the job, the most recent section in DCEU unquestionably positions above the majority of their portions and it’s one of the not many movies in the establishment that conveys precisely what its reason guaranteed. A brilliant mix of heart and humor, Shazam! conveys enough flash to illuminate the street that lies in front of DC Films.


K- SCORE: 81%

In the event that there is one thing to think about Harley Quinn, it is that her heart is broken. This doesn’t make her frail or abandoned, however, it’s an injury that can’t be thought little of. At the point when you’ve grown to uphold someone else’s hand, remaining close to and somewhat behind them, the second you let proceed to stroll all alone, it can require a long time to discover your own self. 
Harley Quinn is discovering her feet. She’s done serving someone else. And she’s presently sorting out at her own movement exactly how freedom functions. The film isn’t only empowerment or very much bundled quality. It’s about the yearnings worth tuning in to, the incidental fellowships worth nourishing, and the wreck you need to make before you can completely like a fresh start.
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K- SCORE: 71%

When one thinks of Wonder Woman from the comics, we think of her two sides. One is where she’s a warrior princess bred for war and the other is who shows a lot of compassion and ignites hope. The first movie was about the fighter who is only looking for battle against Ares in order to bring peace into the men’s world but this film is about her second side. From the beginning, she’s all about giving hope and confidence. The opening sequence is so much important for this as we are taken back to Themyscira for their version of the Olympics whereby a very young Diana (Lilly Aspell) competes against girls well older than her. This is where she’s taught about the basics of virtues, especially about being true to rules and respecting everyone, and giving them a chance. When we look at the story then it looks ordinary but the way Patty Jenkins presents it in the first two acts of the film, it’s anything but ordinary. It’s the final act where things start to go wrong. From the beginning, the film feels very grounded which works in its favor but then suddenly the entire world is involved and things get very cartoonish and ordinary. 
Wonder Woman 1984 is much deeper and emotional than its first installment. This second installment focuses so much more on humanity and its fragility; which is why it’s much more realistic even though it isn’t executed as perfectly as the first. It is a deep and rare moving superhero movie. A timeless love and cautionary tale that demands us to find beauty, wonder, and good in the things we already have. Pascal’s Max Lord steals the show with showmanship and great acting capped off with a good character arc that is truly complete. While the film has lots of great moments, the final act is a little mediocre and so much is left unanswered. Cheetah’s inclusion also deteriorates its standard but that doesn’t take away the heart of this movie, which is hope and togetherness. And that is exactly what we need in times like these.
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K- SCORE: 69%

The sixth portion in the DC Extended Universe, Aquaman starts DC Films’ street to recuperation after the disastrous Justice League with more accentuation on singular character stories instead of attempting to construct a common universe. It is a good comeback, though it still is a very average entry.
The story follows Arthur Curry, the human-conceived heir to the submerged realm of Atlantis who, subsequent to discovering that his stepbrother is trying to join the submerged realms against the surface world, goes on a mission to forestall a battle between the sea and land. Be that as it may, the experience he leaves on eventually constrains him to grapple with his own character and lead him to find whether he’s altogether deserving of satisfying his predetermination of turning into a ruler. 
Aquaman is not entirely a solid solo passage but does bear a certain indication of a promising future for the DCEU. The film gives an adequate portion of CGI impacts loaded amusement that easygoing filmgoers would love. In any case, those searching for substance underneath the surface are most likely going to be frustrated, for this waterlogged wreck is as befuddled in its methodology as it is tangled in its plotting. To put it plainly, Aquaman is an ordinary, yet welcoming entry in the DC Extended Universe.
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K- SCORE: 42%

Two good passages, one blemish, and one masterpiece later, DC Extended Universe at long last shows up at its team-up element that should either solidify or wreck its shared universe. Yet, what we get rather is an absurdly awful, cringe-worthy case of comic book filmmaking as Justice League is an aftereffect of surged creation that has no spine at all. It totally wastes the little expectation that was encouraged by past films. It’s no Avengers like event. In fact, it’s not even close to the worst Avengers entry, Age of Ultron.
On a general scale, DC Films’ urgent endeavor to copy Marvel-like achievement hits an impasse with Justice League, for this team-up is a disappointment in all viewpoints. DC Extended Universe was at an average point (not for me) before this, however, as opposed to saving the establishment from an early grave, it just winds up pounding the last nail on the coffin. An insipid, dead, and heartless as large spending films can get, Justice League is one of the most noticeably terrible movies of its kind that neither legitimizes its own reality nor approves that of its universe.
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K- SCORE: 30%

Suicide Squad is to DC Comics what Guardians of the Galaxy was to Marvel. The two movies concern a group of bandits attempting to benefit a few and highlight characters that aren’t also known as a portion of the greater names in their separate universes. In any case, where Marvel Studios’ greatest bet to date took care of immensely well in support of themselves, things went south for DC Comics as their artistic universe takes a wrong turn. 
On a general scale, Suicide Squad is basically a variety of one terrible choice after another. Tangled, enlarged, and confused about its own qualities, it is one more tasteless and forgettable passage in the long queue of cruel blockbusters that are all publicity and no substance. No, not exactly a blemish for the shared universe, the third entry in DC Extended Universe is a monstrous case of blockbuster filmmaking that is awkward in all parts of filmmaking. It is an outright misuse of your time and cash and is just a really bad movie.