RANKINGS: Star Wars: Skywalker Saga


RANKING: STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…………………………………………………

The line that began an adventure in 1977 is now worth billions of dollars with a fan devotion like no other. With the Rise of Skywalker bringing the Skywalker Saga to a close this past weekend, I thought this was the best time to present my ranking of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga. Please note that this list does not include the two spin-off movies, Solo and Rogue One. Though, there is a list below this ranking showing where they stand in comparison to the main films.



K- SCORE: 96%

One of the most praised film sequels ever, The Empire Strikes Back is the subsequent part of George Lucas’ progressive Star Wars that turns out to be both infamous and persuasive for its a lot more obscure feel in contrast with the first. Viewed by numerous individuals as the best part of the entire adventure and paramount for its life-changing final twist that nobody saw coming, The Empire Strikes Back highlights an additionally engaging storyline that will be remembered as one of the best in blockbuster film history.
Overall, The Empire Strikes Back is a fruitful subsequent part that increased current standards for the two continuations and its class at its season of delivery and stays a significant element of present-day mainstream society. Changing the whole tone of the arrangement and taking its adventure to a completely unique level with its unexpected cliffhanger, The Empire Strikes Back further cements the tradition of its establishment. It is similarly as powerful as its predecessor, is as yet fit for astounding the newcomers.


K- SCORE: 95%

The Last Jedi capitalizes on the canvas that was given to it by The Force Awakens and is a great entry that takes advantage of Rian Johnson’s focused direction and engaging content. The most divisive entry in the saga and probably the most divisive film in history. It might be divisive amongst the fans but it certainly wasn’t for neither the critics nor me. I might love this franchise for its crowd-pleasing abilities but apart from Star Wars, I only like films that are dark or films which take chances and Rian Johnson certainly took this film in that direction. With his complex ideas and more serious and meaningful themes, he takes this franchise to uncharted waters. Say whatever as you may but this is certainly right up there with first place. The Empire Strikes Back takes that place only because it was a Star Wars film for how the franchise has always been but technically, The Last Jedi is no less than it. Arguments will always be associated when this film is mentioned but a person who truly understands cinema will have to agree that this is not just a great Star Wars film but rather one of the best franchise films in history!

3. Episode IV: A NEW HOPE

K- SCORE: 94%

This is the film that started everything. The primary entry in the adventure that would later proceed to reform its class, change the scene of blockbuster filmmaking, and turn into a social phenomenon, Star Wars is hailed as an artistic accomplishment of a creative mind, vision, and innovativeness that spellbound a whole age with its newly imagined and sensational world, top-notch experience, intriguing characters, cutting edge visuals and an epic soundtrack. 
Overall, A New Hope may not look as astonishing and progressive today as it was during its season of delivery however its effect on later science fiction space dramas and different movies can’t be made light of. It evokes an altogether different emotion. Luke, Han, and Leia took us on a ride from which we never want to return. Darth Vader made us love a villain for the first time. Amazing star cast, brilliant direction, and extraordinary story telling. This was the start that any other franchise can only dream of. A perfect entry to the perfect trilogy.


K- SCORE: 93%

Star Wars: The Force Awakens effectively begins another period in the epic adventure and is a fine case of classification filmmaking that is similarly as focused on its story and characters all things considered to its cutting edge visuals. A lot of its plot is a repackage of A New Hope however I really discovered it to be more engaging than the first. Once in a while any film has confronted the degree of publicity this movie was exposed to. Despite the fact that it didn’t surpass all desires, it conveyed an unbelievably fun, reliably engaging, and altogether fulfilling experience that scores good grades in both quality and quantity. J.J. Abrams has prevailed with regards to reviving a tidied establishment and closes down at a point where various opportunities for the continuations arise, and it will be fascinating to perceive what bearing the following two entries will head in. However, until that time, The Force Awakens is certainly a reason for festivity, for this most recent entry achieves almost all that its fans foresaw and then some more. 
Years of waiting ended with an emotional start to the sequel trilogy from JJ Abrams. 2015 was an unforgettable year for me as two of my favorite franchises ever once again returned to the big screens. Not only return but break box office records. First, Jurassic World made me emotional on its way to breaking box office records only to see its records being broken six months later by The Force Awakens. The film had everything. The joy, the sadness, the emotions, all added with the energetic entry of this generation’s stars of the saga with Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac stealing the show. John Williams returned again to show why he is the best in the music department with JJ’s direction topping it off. This was the perfect way to begin a trilogy to show the world why Star Wars always was and always will be the biggest film franchise in the world.


K- SCORE: 81%

Contemplating exactly how extraordinarily stale, absolute vile, and unreasonably silly both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones were in all potential habits, the 6th portion in the Star Wars adventure and the last entry of the prequel set of three is a tremendous jump that shows huge upgrades in different filmmaking viewpoints and is energetically the main prequel entry that is to many degrees agreeable, engaging and fulfilling. 
Revenge of the Sith is a startling amazement that ends up being obviously superior to foreseen. It is effectively the best entry in the prequel Star Wars set, and in bits and pieces can reclaim what small amount was left redeemable by the epic calamities that were the initial two entries. In all honesty, this would’ve been a genuinely decent set if George Lucas wasn’t so excessively busy with the extravagant creatures and computerized graphics. And when he understood that, it was at that point past the point of no return and the harm was already done. 


K- SCORE: 80%

The third and last portion of the original trilogy, Return of the Jedi may not be as great as its progressive predecessors which in any event had an intriguing storyline at its center, however, it actually figures out how to cross the end goal prior to running out of fuel and is a worthy end to the adventure set in a galaxy far away. 
Return of the Jedi neither has the newness of A New Hope nor has the stunning allure of The Empire Strikes Back and is certainly the most fragile portion of the three. A more cognizant and firmly stuffed story notwithstanding a superior movement would’ve brought about an all the more fulfilling experience yet in spite of every one of its weaknesses, it isn’t totally the calamity it was ending up being in the first half. A dispersed last piece that has a lot of positives and negatives, Return of the Jedi may not be the ideal finale yet it in any case it ends this trilogy gloriously.


K- SCORE: 69%

Rise of Skywalker does not fully live up to expectations but that is entirely understandable from JJ Abrams considering the fan backlash which The Last Jedi received. I was one of the very few people who absolutely loved Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, but I totally understand JJ’s decision to adjust the story in order to please the fans. I, though, would have loved to see him continue the story from the previous film. Why wouldn’t you? I mean, yes it’s not just a film franchise but a major media franchise, and Disney has to sell the merchandise which won’t happen if many fans become angry. But was it right to indirectly retcon the film in the final episode? NO.
Overall, it can be simply concluded that if you loved The Last Jedi then you will either hate it or have similar feelings to mine. If you hated The Last Jedi and loved The Force Awakens then I can assure you that you will be completely mesmerized by it. I personally will remember this as one of my finest experiences in cinema and will always cherish the entire Skywalker saga in my heart. As for this trilogy, I strongly believe this was the best thing to ever happen to Star Wars since the original trilogy. It was certainly better than the prequels (Episodes I, II & III), even though, that trilogy was connected better.
For concluding remarks of the Rise of Skywalker, I will simply say that even with its flaws, it still is a very entertaining and satisfying conclusion to the “GREATEST SAGA IN CINEMATIC HISTORY!”


K- SCORE: 49%

An indiscriminatingly terrible, exorbitantly silly, unimaginably inept, and mind-numbingly disgraceful bit of trash that has the right to be included among the most exceedingly awful barbarities in the Star Wars universe. The primary entry of George Lucas’ prequel set of three and fourth entry in the Star Wars adventure denotes its maker’s re-visitation of filmmaking following a 22-year rest and shows that the film world was obviously better off without his executive sources of info. 
The Phantom Menace will consistently be paramount for the extremely valuable reaction it evoked from the lifelong fanatics of the first Star Wars set of three. To see their considerable delay being compensated with such a detestable, sickening, and nauseating part is without a doubt diverting. Loaded up with only trash, the main watchable scene in The Phantom Menace is that brief lightsaber duel close to the end. Other than that, it’s simply a below mediocre ride.


K- SCORE: 47%

The fifth portion in the Star Wars adventure and the second entry in George Lucas’ prequel set of three, Attack of the Clones has all the problems that made The Phantom Menace such a repulsive bit of shit and by not offering any improvement over its regrettable exchanges, wooden characters, dull exhibitions and faltering endeavors at humor, it figures out how to be similarly as unendurable as its predecessor. 
Attack of the Clones is as hopeless a passage as The Phantom Menace was. Despite the fact that it didn’t need to bear the insane promotion that its predecessor was exposed to, the film neglects to exploit the seriously brought down desires and conveys a film experience that is especially on a similar degree of bluntness and silliness. Another forgettable, indefensible and spiritless entry in the Star Wars prequel set of three, Attack of the Clones is epic filmmaking at the lowest set of the bar.


1. The Empire Strikes Back (96%)
2. The Last Jedi (95%)
3. A New Hope (94%)
4. The Force Awakens (93%)
6. Revenge of the Sith (81%)
7. Return of the Jedi (80%)
8. The Rise of Skywalker (69%)
10. The Phantom Menace (49%)
11. Attack of the Clones (47%)


1. THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY (Avg. Score: 90%)
2. THE SEQUEL TRILOGY (Avg. Score: 86%)
3. THE PREQUEL TRILOGY (Avg. Score: 59%)