RANKING: The Marvel Cinematic Universe


RANKING: Marvel Cinematic Universe

As a very remarkable lovely astonishment as Iron Man was back in May 2008, a considerably greater shock was sitting tight for crowds after the credits. Nick Fury educates Tony Stark that he’s “become part of a greater universe. You simply don’t have any acquaintance with it yet.” 
Much to anyone’s dismay at that point, his message would apply to the crowd the same amount as it did to Tony. 
In a little more than a long time since Iron Man’s presentation, Marvel has delivered 23 motion pictures that are each a piece of a similar world: the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Regardless of whether you’ve gathered comic books a long time before these motion pictures came out or have quite recently coolly appreciated the movies, Marvel has figured out how to rejuvenate a significant number of their famous characters in manners that appeal to a wide range of fans.
So, here is my definitive ranking of the MCU:

1. CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Winter Soldier

K- SCORE: 94%

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of Marvel’s better contributions which never loses the string that interfaces it to the first. It keeps the action streaming at normal stretches, and is sprinkled with political subjects that are immovably managed. It also highlights an imposing yet human miscreant that has an astounding profundity in both story and character components and conveys the diversion that is greater and better than last time. And keeping in mind that its huge scope display remains strangely fun and grasping, it’s the way the entire film is portrayed that makes it fulfilling on numerous levels. Definitely the best Marvel film thus far. 


K- SCORE: 93%

Jon Favreau exceeds in direction giving Marvel a spectacular debut in superhero cinema. The screenplay is brimming with energy, wit & charm, and is brilliantly written & narrated. Robert Downey Jr was born to play Iron Man. He shines brightly in red and gold with a performance that’s absolutely fantastic, effortlessly charismatic, and also downright polished. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, and Terrence Howard also do justice to their roles with some amazing performances.
Ramin Djawadi’s fitting score is wonderful. AC/DC blaring through your ears is always awesome so credit to Ramin for a great selection of soundtrack.
As for the whole presentation, the pace of the film is great. Nothing is wasted and you would never get bored. The story is right on target. If this is how to begin then there could be nothing better. The bar is set high from film one of this mammoth franchise. 


K- SCORE: 90%

Captain America: Civil War is perhaps the most grounded film to come out from Marvel. By perfectly adjusting in excess of twelve characters, the certain bearing by the Russos comes as a rest and confirmation that the destiny of Avengers: Infinity War is in acceptable hands. The most recent contribution in the MCU is no gamechanger except for it is the best usage of the means the studio follows to make its plans, and advantages incredibly from its deftly composed content. A completely agreeable, engaging, and fulfilling party for the general population, Captain America: Civil War is the blockbuster to beat in 2016.


K- SCORE: 90%

One of the most entertaining blockbusters of all time, The Avengers might not have been the perfection of the holy grail of comic-book adaptations like The Dark Knight or even Batman Begins, but was a noteworthy example of emphasized balance of humor and action. It added up for a highly rewarding experience that was far greater than what most movies of its genre ever achieve.
Involving the same save the world bullshit that everyone has experienced and have been disappointed with many times and yet, The Avengers worked in an unexpected but very effective manner and was bigger, better, and far more amusing plus enjoyable than almost all of the other movies of the MCU. It succeeded in surpassing every hype and expectations with surprising yet spectacular comfort.
The Avengers was an ambitious adventure for the masses comprising all the right ingredients of a genuine blockbuster material and nothing was overdone with every element being present in the right way, be it action, humor or drama. An astonishingly great initiative that satisfied its viewers with a wild, entertaining, and fun-filled ride. This was the perfect popcorn entertainer for all ages.


K- SCORE: 90%

In the wake of causing a sprinkle with his acclaimed introduction and following it up with a fabulous side project that inhaled new life in a closed adventure, it’s got the job done to say that Ryan Coogler is one of the most encouraging gifts working in the entertainment world today. Also, he launches himself to surprisingly better statures with his most recent work, for Black Panther denotes another success and is invigorating on a bigger number of levels than one. 
Saturated with African culture, stuffed with significant subjects, thick with substantial characters, controlled by a devoted outfit, and guided by a skilled movie producer at steerage, Black Panther will figure out how to leave most watchers fulfilled yet it isn’t without its weaknesses. The VFX aren’t continually persuading, and pacing could’ve been something more. All things considered, it is a strong expansion in Marvel’s standard and one of their better sections that are unquestionably worth your time and cash.

6. AVENGERS: Infinity War

K- SCORE: 90%

Avengers: Infinity War follows the almighty Thanos as he traversed the universe searching for the infinity stones that would give him the solidarity to force his will on all reality. Lastly, he faces the Avengers in a fight that would choose the destiny of every current life form. 
Avengers: Infinity War is a fabulous party that in one way or another figures out how to satisfy its gigantic publicity. There are a lot of startling astonishments and unexpected misfortunes available, in addition to the completion that will hit the fans hard. However, every last bit of it would’ve left an undeniably more impressive and extraordinary effect on the off chance that we didn’t definitely realize that quite a bit of it will be fixed in the following Avengers film. All things considered, Avengers: Infinity War almost takes care of 10 years of speculation with a thrilling action-experience scene and closes down by setting up an ideal stage for the amazing finale.

7. THOR: Ragnarok

K- SCORE: 90%

The third part in the Thor set of three isn’t only the best film to star the God of Thunder but on the other hand, is one of Marvel’s most clever passages to date. An outright mob beginning to end that is interesting, engaging, and fulfilling in a bigger number of ways than one, Thor: Ragnarok is a major spending party that is equivalent amounts of humorous, sincere, and mesmerizing. 
On a general scale, Thor: Ragnarok is all that one anticipates from a Taika Waititi film, and is perhaps the most amusing film of the year. A vivid mix of guaranteed course, astute composition, brilliant photography, smooth editing, quick movement, cool soundtrack, and awesome acting, it is straight-up there with the best sections in the MCU and is totally worth your time and cash. An exciting ride that guarantees heaps of fun and easily conveys it, Thor: Ragnarok is a crisp, exciting, and interminably captivating inestimable joy. Try not to miss it.


K- SCORE: 88%

Guardians of the Galaxy shows up as Marvel Studios’ greatest bet to date but takes care of itself enormously well as this insane combination of a weirdo cast and an offbeat team strikes gold for the studio in all departments and prevails as a massively charming, amazingly engaging and very fulfilling Marvel piece. 
Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most flawlessly adjusted realistic contributions of 2014 that guarantees loads of fun beginning to end and consistently conveys it in a perpetually engaging and tremendously remunerating way. Well directed, brilliantly cheerful, smoothly shot, skillfully edited, magnificently performed, and including amazing visuals, Guardians of the Galaxy is very highly recommended.

9. SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming

K- SCORE: 83%

Returning Peter Parker to secondary school, not trying to recount another inception story, and drafting Spider-Man into Marvel’s own personal set up establishment, the sixteenth film in the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming is by all methods an invite homecoming for the web-throwing superhuman, also a long-late one. 
Spider-Man: Homecoming is a superbly adjusted, magnificently carefree, and completely engaging summer spectacle that starts Spider-Man’s homecoming venture on a promising note. What benefits it more than anything is the innocent appeal of Tom Holland, for he not just looks and sounds ideal for the part yet additionally encapsulates that young soul, in addition to his bold information displays the perfect measure of fretfulness, arrogance, mind, energy, and mystique that without any help inspires the entire picture. Captivating, intriguing, and empowering, this second reboot of the Spider-Man establishment is a new, interesting and entrancing expansion to Marvel’s regularly extending shared universe.

10. AVENGERS: Endgame

K- SCORE: 81%

Avengers: Endgame is both the festival and climax of the apparent multitude of stories that have surfaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, and it restores the long term interest in these characters with a gigantic result that not many amazing finales of any adventure have figured out how to achieve on such a pounding and victorious note. It may not be an ideal film and has a lot of deficiencies yet the closure it conveys is so right, satisfying, and fitting that it wouldn’t considerably matter any longer if Marvel Studios, at last, chooses to press the stop button and disposes of the way toward making a greater amount of these roundabout movies. More than satisfying everyone’s expectations and conveying a passionate result that will be colossally fulfilling for the vast majority if not all, Avengers: Endgame is an ideal goodbye to the infinity saga adventure and an irrefutably noteworthy finish of a remarkable artistic universe that won’t soon if at any time, locate an equivalent. It’s a crescendo of the comic-book scene in contemporary film, an uncommon accomplishment of blockbuster filmmaking that dares to focus on the unthinkable and prevails all around or shape or structure. It is the showstopper that genuinely denotes the finish of a time. 

11. THOR

K- SCORE: 80%

The MCU began in a tremendous fashion with Iron Man in 2008 but lost its way with back to back failures with The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. Though, Thor turns it around for Marvel. Marvel’s Thor is good, if not great, adventure-fantasy that nicely balances its dark and light elements to deliver entertainment that’s pretty satisfiable.
Thor has its share of flaws & shortcomings but thanks to Hemsworth’s magnetic presence, good enough narrative, plenty of spectacles & the way it juggles its dark themes with light-hearted humor, this film is worth a shot. It may not be as memorable as Iron Man but out of the then-four films released by the MCU, this was a definite runner-up.


K- SCORE: 80%

The sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy and fifteenth entry in the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is greater in both scale and extension and proceeds with the excursion of this crackpot group of rebels while likewise bringing more considers from their past along with the spotlight. In spite of the fact that its dynamic utilization of shading palette and another firmly curated soundtrack are remarkable features, the film in general does not have the newness of the first. 
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 may not be a superior film to its archetype however, it is as yet a commendable spin-off that offers its own personal arrangement of rushes and delight, and turns out to be the same amount of fun and engaging an encounter, if not more. It unquestionably procures its spot in the shared universe and its beautiful pictures, stunning visuals, and top-notch soundtrack, notwithstanding its clever plot, quirky characters, and brilliant acting puts it straight up there with Marvel’s better flicks. Charming, engaging, and a ton of fun, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is certainly a strong summer blockbuster spectacle.

13. CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger

K- SCORE: 80%

The fifth installment in the MCU and the final one before the first mega team-up, Captain America: The First Avenger introduces the only avenger that was so far missing in the Phase 1 plan, and unlike the previous entries; this one is a period piece whose story is set predominantly during the Second World War.
The movie told the story of Steve Rogers; a frail but patriotic man who wants to enlist in the US army but is constantly rejected due to his poor health. But then he is accepted into a human experiment program which transformed him into a super-soldier with enhanced capabilities after which he tried to stop the fanatic leader of a cult organization from carrying out his plans of world domination.
The First Avenger definitely was a great entry into the franchise. The storyline never took itself seriously which could be used both in favor as well as against it. The plot sometimes wandered in the middle and even lacked a sort of freshness as the main plot treaded into areas it had been before in many other examples of its genre. Though, despite a few shortcomings, Captain America: The First Avenger still delivered what it promised. Worth a shot.
movie review doctor strange


K- SCORE: 72%

This film denotes the appearance of one more avenger into the effectively jam-packed Marvel family while additionally bringing magic into its ever-extending universe. In any case, despite the fact that it offers a colorful excursion through astral domains, limitless real factors, and spacetime distortions, it isn’t completely quite the same as the standard. 
Doctor Strange fills its need by conveying an engaging, entertaining and useful birthplace story however it isn’t sufficiently noteworthy to collect a spot among Marvel’s best highlights. Voyaging a protected, hazard-free course and glossed over with trippy, dreamlike visuals, it is a run of the mill thrilling party that we’ve generally expected from Marvel Studios and is another agreeable expansion to their ever-expanding collection. Certainly worth a shot.

15. SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home

K- SCORE: 71%

Spider-Man: Far from Home presents a world without Iron Man and Captain America, discovers Peter Parker reluctant to top off the huge shoes gave up by his late tutor and fills in as a sense of taste chemical after the weighty supper course that was Avengers: Endgame. 
Spider-Man: Far from Home is fun, engaging and adequately fulfilling in manners most Marvel Studios films will in general be, and furthermore denotes that moment where the implement is passed from Tony Stark to Peter Parker, consequently building up the well-disposed neighborhood as the new mascot of their true to life universe. Yes, it doesn’t offer anything new and has its narrative problems, but it’s still good enough for a one time watch, at least. 


K- SCORE: 71%

Ant-Man is a little scope, carefree, and adequately engaging blockbuster that brings another hero into the as of now packed Marvel family. Despite the fact that it may not be as ponderous as a portion of their greatest spectacles, there’s practically nothing invigorating about it. 
Ant-Man conveys the huge spending event it guaranteed, regardless of whether it is for a more modest scope when contrasted with its archetypes. Though from the storytelling viewpoint, it unquestionably positions among Marvel Studios’ more vulnerable sections, that may have been dodged on the off chance that it had added more noteworthy profundity to its fundamental plot and characters. Despite the fact that this film is assigned by Marvel as their Phase Two finale, it works pretty much as an introduction for Phase Three. A lively prologue to another character and led by Paul Rudd’s on-screen moxy, Ant-Man is no quality blockbuster except for its as yet worth one view, in any event.

17. IRON MAN 3

K- SCORE: 71%

Iron Man 3 is the MCU entry that offered a positive upgrade from the unbearable predecessor Iron Man 2 yet still fell short of the magic that the first Iron Man movie gave. Though, it did carry a fresh energy and had a refreshing vibe to it, mostly because of having a new director.
Iron Man 3 was a solid follow-up to the first movie and you can completely ignore the crap which was Iron Man 2 to watch this. It was an enhancement from its predecessor in many ways. Though not great and nowhere near the standards of the first movie, it was still an enjoyable entry in the MCU.

18. AVENGERS: Age of Ultron

K- SCORE: 69%

What really made The Avengers click so incredibly well with the crowd the world over wasn’t its straightforward collection of numerous superheroes in one component however the faultless way in which chief Joss Whedon mixed the components of action, humor, and dramatization into one totally adjusted event that offered a lot of snickers, display, feelings, diversion and satisfaction all through its runtime. Riding on the awesome stage gave to it by before portions, the second phase of the MCU has had a smooth spat both critically and business-wise until everything came down to the film everybody had been hanging tight for since the previous 3 years. Also, despite the fact that from the outset Avengers: Age of Ultron may seem like another example of success for Marvel, it is shockingly way also wrecked in reality. 
Avengers: Age of Ultron is a frustrating development to The Avengers that falls under the weight of its own desire in a stupendous manner. Despite the fact that Marvel publicized this as more than a popcorn performer, it still only delivers the same thing again. It had its moments. Let’s not take away the fact that it is very entertaining at times. The ideas were good as well. It’s just that it couldn’t live up to it. Avengers: Age of Ultron unquestionably isn’t probably the best contribution to Marvel, though, is still good enough to enjoy. 


K- SCORE: 66%

A much invite breather after the heavyweight that was Avengers: Infinity War, the twentieth portion in Marvel’s shared universe is another carefree ride unfurling on a similar tiny scope as Ant-Man, and however not as noteworthy as Marvel’s best works, it actually conveys a fine portion of fun, interesting and action-stuffed diversion. 
Ant-Man and the Wasp makes for an adequately engaging action-experience and is at its best when it isn’t making a decent attempt. An independent story generally that inevitably associates with the substantial-finish of Infinity War in a stunning mid-credits arrangement. Ant-Man and the Wasp does what’s needed to permit the watchers to settle down before things get hot and hefty by and by in the excellent finale that surfaces one year from now.


K- SCORE: 63%

Captain Marvel invites another hero into its family and applies a similar equation that Marvel Studios has depended on to make their verbose items yet their most recent is likewise their most vulnerable film in years that never genuinely understands its maximum capacity. 
Captain Marvel is good for some moments, packs not many entertaining minutes, and highlights a sublime superheroine. Like Carol Danvers, this film had boundless potential. In any case, in contrast to her, the producers neglect to take advantage of that component and potentially weren’t even mindful of what was available to all here. Nonexclusive, unremarkable and disappointing, Captain Marvel isn’t the film that the most impressive hero in the Marvel faction merits, and is no match to the studio’s earnest attempts.

21. THOR: The Dark World

K- SCORE: 55%

The second outing to Asgard was not as invigorating as the first but rather was as yet fit for leaving most of the watchers adequately satisfied. However, regardless of whether the movie producers were completely mindful of what made the first film great, Thor: The Dark World scarcely conveyed anything practically identical to the first film. 
Thor: The Dark World irresolutely attempts to dive into a darker domain yet is loaded up with things that will keep the watchers from paying attention to it. I surmise most Marvel fans will presumably be happy with it however I can’t state the equivalent for newcomers in light of the fact that notwithstanding being a to some degree pleasant and engaging ride for the general population, Thor: The Dark World actually feels very empty from within. 

22. IRON MAN 2

K- SCORE: 51%

Iron Man started the MCU in the most spectacular fashion you could get but The Incredible Hulk downgraded it. Expectations were high with this one but unfortunately, this one disappoints. It is good but since the first film set the bar so high, we were expecting something similar or at least somewhere near.
Iron Man 2 does not live up to the expectations and is rather a very boring experience. The action sequences were also over in quick time making it a problematic entry to the MCU. It looks like the ideas were rushed in after the first film. It is a film that needed more time to make and genuinely more editing and recasting.


K- SCORE: 46%

This was the only MCU movie that never ever felt like an MCU movie at all. So boring and dumb. After Iron Man set the bar high, I was really expecting something similar from this, but instead got a very terribly written and presented film.
The Incredible Hulk is not entirely a terrible movie. It wasn’t a good film also. In comparison with other MCU films, it was well below par and not memorable at all.