NIGHTBOOKS (2021) Movie Review

nightbooks 2021 movie review
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Nightbooks is a new Netflix original kids fantasy-horror FILM based on the book under the same name. The story revolves around the character Alex, who has a passion to write scary stories. He gets trapped in a wicked witch’s magical apartment and finds out that the only way to survive is by telling spine-tingling horror stories to the witch, Natacha. Meanwhile, he also tempts to escape from the witch, together with another prisoner.

Even though you might not like the first few minutes as stuff was just happening, you will eventually start to like the film when it comes on track. As this is a kid’s horror movie, the scary scenes were all family-friendly but some of them might be very terrifying for younger viewers.

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The film, in a nutshell, shows the major problem of different odd kids with strange passions, who are called in various kinds of names and being amused even by the only friend they have. It also tells such people to ignore haters and continue to follow your true passion along with your true friends who always stick with you and admire you for who you are. Even Natacha gave a very valuable piece of advice for story writing which is that you must always include the truth for your story because it becomes more powerful when it is more truthful.

Overall, Nightbooks required a great storyline and great acting which was done. With only 3 main characters in the film, they all showed emotion to the story which was very simple to follow with an unexpected twist towards the end which showed its unpredictability. Recommended!

K- Score: 80%

STW: 23/30, D: 20/25, C: 7/8, E: 4/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 8/10 S: 8/10