Movie Review: ENOLA HOLMES

enola holmes movie review
Movie Review: Enola Holmes


Based on a series of young adult novels by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes introduces us to Enola (Millie Bobby Brown), the kid sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill), and Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin). Much younger than her brothers, Enola was raised in a remote childhood by her mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter). At least until her sudden disappearance, which prompted her brothers to return home in order to send Enola to finish school, where she could learn to be a proper lady.
And obviously, like many other stories about young girls, being a proper lady is the last thing Enola wants to do. Talented like her more famous brothers in the skills of observation, recollection, and deduction, Enola suspects that there is more to her mother’s disappearance than meets the eye and decides to ditch finishing school to find her. In short order, she stumbles upon the very first case of her own: the runaway Viscount Tewksbury (Louis Partridge) who seems to have an assassin on his trail.
Enola Holmes is a very fun movie watch. It’s very light-hearted, breezy and charming as well as delightful. It’s many things and much credit goes to the director Harry Bradbeer for bringing this story in this manner and more importantly to Millie Bobby Brown who was just fantastic in the role of Enola. She was so charming and endlessly watchable. If not for her, I don’t think this film would have felt as energetic and fresh as it turned out to be. She does everything with such ease and so effortlessly. The supporting cast is also a very good bunch of actors. Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Helena Bonham Carter, and Louis Partridge play all of their parts sincerely.
As an adaptation of a YA book series, Enola Holmes isn’t out to be a clever reinvention, just a pleasant and progressive one, envisioning a world where a young woman can prove herself just as capable. Although, the narration is very much predictable. As for the solving of the mystery, the deduction by which Enola solves everything throughout the film was a flaw as it all becomes so convenient. I figured out the villain midway through the story as it was an easy assumption. Even at the end, she doesn’t even know the villain until he or she (I don’t want to give away any spoiler) reveals himself/herself. 
But apart from that, the rest of the film has a good pace and you don’t get bored and instead get to discover this character and unravel this plot in her own playful manner. The setting, music, and editing are all done really well. Millie Bobby Brown seems to be having a blast with the role. Henry Cavill is great. Louis Partridge is a great Viscount-in-distress and foil to Enola. Everyone is charming in a very British way and play their roles well.
Overall, keep the expectations of your beloved characters to the side and don’t even expect it to be a full-fledged serious crime drama. At the end of the day, it’s harmless fun. But it sure offers you a good time and Millie Bobby Brown is a huge reason for that. 

K- SCORE: 79%

STW: 23/30, D: 17/25, C: 6/8, E: 5/5, A: 10/10, PVD: 10/12, S: 8/10