Movie Review: After We Collided (2020)

Movie Review: After We Collided

I didn’t like the first film and was not going to watch this. But the options are few these days so I thought I should check it out. My expectations were low for this movie but it still managed to exceed that.
I am extremely disappointed in this film. First off the movie felt like scenes were randomly placed and there was no storyline at all in the movie. There were also very important moments that were rushed and gave no time for us to process as well as blasting music over them so you couldn’t understand what was being said. One example was where Hardin apologizes to his father for punching him which was an important factor in his process of becoming a better person. You could not hear what he said at all and the scene ended in seconds. Another thing which irritated me was when they tried to compile multiple characters developing scenes into a compilation of worthless second length clips. 
This movie lacks story depth, passionate fights, and meaningful character developments as the characters had very little emotions or passion. Every scene were felt so rushed that none of the things felt expressive at all. It even ended with a cliffhanger. 
On an overall scale, I was never excited about this movie and it didn’t disappoint me in that regard. I have also heard that it’s given the green light for two more sequels. Though, next time, even if I am short on options, I am not sure I am going to watch them.

K- SCORE: 27%

STW: 2/30, D: 2/25, C: 5/8, E: 3/5, A: 3/10, PVD: 7/12, S: 5/10