As “BAD” As Movies Get! | MORBIUS (2022) Movie Review

Morbius (2022) Movie Review
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Well, here we go again. Apart from the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, Sony has proved to be a bad studio for Comic Book Movies. And Morbius is unfortunately another example of that.

They are only interested in milking Spider-Man characters and giving them these so-called origin stories to characters who don’t need them. Ever since Joker turned out to be a big success, studios have started to test these villain narratives and Sony is no different. And yet, they keep on failing hard. First the Venom movies and now this. Unlike Kevin Feige at Marvel, they don’t have any kind of vision or plan other than attempting to create what the MCU has with their Spider-Verse. The difference is that they are more focused on creating a shared universe rather than good movies.

Morbius attempts to be this dark and gritty tale but falls short on everything that makes up a good story. It’s strange that Jared Leto has been part of both DC’s and Marvel’s worst movies. To be fair to him, this isn’t a situation like 2016’s Suicide Squad Joker. He is actually good in this film but his performance is mostly overshadowed by the excessive use of CGI. Morbius also tries to move away from the light-hearted Marvel approach but you can only credit them for the attempt, not the execution. This film absolutely has nothing to hook the watchers throughout the story with hardly any plot point or proper character beats. By the time we know who the villain is or what is the main goal of the protagonist, the audience is already asleep. And even that revelation (or no revelation) disappoints as we hardly get any scenes to build up the motivations of the villain. Even for the hero. He kills a dozen people and hardly regrets it. It’s so hard to back a character like that. The story just completely lacks ANY interesting beat!

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Jared Leto is expertly cast but to no avail. There could hardly be any more of a boring comic book story than this. In fact, this could be one of the worst superhero movies of all time. One would gladly ask for a refund if they even made it halfway through in cinemas and not feel guilty about asking for such. The film is way less than 2 hours long and yet it somehow feels like 3 hours. It’s so hard to survive till the end. And it doesn’t even tie all loose ends in the end but rather focuses more on future films! I don’t think that I should go any further.

Overall, Morbius is a horrible movie with a lot of awful writing and direction. It always pains me to give a film just a one-star review but I honestly cannot go any higher. There’s hardly any major plot point or character beat. I cannot call it a disappointment because my expectations were already low but it’s even worse than that. Not recommended at all. Where is Hollywood going?

Rating: 1 out of 5.