MOONFALL (2022) Movie Review

moonfall 2022 movie review
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Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall is an insanely stupid film but still much fun as we discover what really is the moon made of as its creating the orbital disturbance. Patrick Wilson can always be counted on to deliver tragic circumstances while Halle Berry is doing it for the cash and good for her. With obvious CGI and a script that had to have the actors howling while they collected their paychecks, it was always made for a good time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Moonfall is slightly different from other doomsday films because it actually has a good storyline, or should I say a good concept. The moon is a megastructure built by our ancestors who were successful until AI became sentient and killed them all. As expected, this film is a visual masterpiece at the cost of physics for the most part. I even liked the pace of the film too but it lacks emotion. It’s the main story that is not developed enough. This is because most of the screentime is taken to show the destruction on earth which hardly has anything to do with the story. It’s nothing you’ve never seen before in an Emmerich film. In fact, most of the unrealistic stuff does happen on earth and its character. The story on the moon is much more compelling and engaging. If this script focused on those characters more rather than the ones on earth, this would’ve been a much better film.

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The concept of the film is wild, almost crazy and the execution is very tongue in cheek as well so cheesy that you can almost smell it! But you will still enjoy it. The visuals were most impressive and dramatic. There were lots of laughs in the audience in scenes where there shouldn’t have been. I mean, this is an Emmerick film after all.

Overall, Moonfall was extremely entertaining and full of action. That aside, it went in so many directions that they challenged the word ridiculous again and again. Once again it was both extremely entertaining as well as extremely irritating. However, none of the actors or actresses need to concern themselves with recognition. The acting was pretty much terrible across-the-board except for a few but it was extremely action-packed and it was very entertaining. That’s just about it.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.