monster verse movies ranked
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While currently only four films in length, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ Monster Verse has produced four remarkably different visions of giant monsters (or “Titans”) doing battle in the ruins of our major cities. Starting so well with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla (2014), this shared universe deteriorated with the failure of King of the Monsters. That was not going to stop it though as it reached a whole new level with Godzilla vs Kong. Each film between them has had a different director and a sharply unique aesthetic. So here is my personal subjective and fairly definitive list. 

monster verse movies ranked

1. GODZILLA (2014)

K- SCORE: 92%

Hollywood gets it right this time! After the negative reception of Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla, Gareth Edwards directs the American reboot of the Japanese monster. This reboot certainly makes up for the overwhelming follow-ups to the original film that came before it and is arguably, one of the best monster films of all time.

The film does a great job in introducing Godzilla as an unstoppable force of nature that is responsible for restoring balance to the world. The dark and apocalyptic feel of this movie is top-notch, and this Godzilla looks and feels more realistic than the 1998 rendition. The monsters have a limited screen time but that’s actually normal for most Godzilla movies as the mysterious feel helps build up hype for the final battle. The characters are decent enough. As for the CGI, then they are really good and well done. The score is another major asset of the film. It’s amazing and well blended with each scene.

monster verse movies ranked

2. GODZILLA vs KONG (2021)

K- SCORE: 73%

Godzilla vs. Kong is a jaw-dropping spectacle about these two legendry monsters tossing each other through buildings and bonking each other with giant axes and atomic blasts. How can you not love that? It’s big, silly, and action-packed fun brought to life with some of the best CGI works in the business. Although the human aspects and set-up once again disappoint, it doesn’t affect the overall spectacle that this film is. If you were itching to head into the cinema for a blockbuster epic, then your search should be over now.
The film definitely forces you to pick a side but it also wants you to look at each monster’s viewpoint on the situation at hand in the film. I’ve been a Godzilla fan for a long time and I love where WB and Legendary are taking these films to. Even though the script is weak and predictable added with paper-thin human characters, this film offers a whole new level of lore, epic battles, and the emotional bond you can have with these giant creatures.
monster verse movies ranked


K- SCORE: 72%

Kong: Skull Island has its moments of fun and being epic, but can sometimes feel so small. Subsequent to bringing Godzilla back to life in 2014, Legendary Pictures directs its concentration towards another behemoth. This is to set its own shared universe of super-species. Skull Island offers the same old thing in its retelling of the legend of the goliath primate and offers some epic monstrosity at the cost of a great story.

Kong: Skull Island is a decent entry in the monster verse. Apart from having a sloppy script that never discovers its true tone, this movie is cool, fun, entertaining, and action-packed. Infinitely better than Peter Jackson’s overrated 2005 King Kong remake. The cast is decent. The action scenes are cool, fun, entertaining, and amazing. King Kong is a total badass monster and he kicks a ton of ass in this film. Highly recommended.

monster verse movies ranked


K- SCORE: 50%

Godzilla: King of the Monsters follows through on the guarantee of taking the gloves off and not keeping down with regards to beast disorder. Yet its plot and characters stay as dreadful and paper-flimsy as in the past. While there is no rejecting that this film is bigger than Godzilla (2014), it unquestionably isn’t better.
Michael Dougherty absolutely eliminates the shackles and gives these overwhelming Titans something reasonable of screen time. Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah are on the whole great to take a gander at. King Ghidora even satisfies the expectations generally. Be that as it may, no measure of epic action and CGI exhibition can compensate for what a film needs in storytelling. King of the Monsters is a noisy, epic, and visually appealing entry in the Monster Verse. However, it is additionally senseless, idiotic, and empty from the inside. Ultimately, it leaves it to the crowd to choose which side they will make due with and embrace.