MCU Review 3: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Iron Man started the MCU in the most spectacular fashion you could get but The Incredible Hulk downgraded it. Expectations were high with this one but unfortunately, this one disappoints. It is good but since the first film set the bar so high, we were expecting something similar or at least somewhere near.

Set six months after the events of the first movie, Iron Man 2 continues the story of Tony Stark and covers the intense media attention he has been enjoying after revealing his identity as Iron Man to the whole world. He is also battling his own personal health problem as well as his arc reactor is poisoning him. There is also a new villain who is pursuing a personal vendetta against Stark.

Jon Favreau disappoints in the direction as it is hard to think that he is the same guy who gave us the masterpiece Iron Man in 2008. The screenplay is very bad and so is the editing. If you minus the unnecessary scenes then it could be a way shorter film. I loved the score of the first film but there is hardly anything new for this one.

As for acting, RDJ again delivers a brilliant performance and so does Samuel Jackson. Scarlett Johansson is a charming and effective entry in the franchise. Don Cheadle is good enough for Rhody’s role but the others are quite forgettable. Mickey Rourke was a disastrous choice.

Overall, Iron Man 2 does not live up to the expectations and is rather a very boring experience. The action sequences were also over in quick time making it a problematic entry to the MCU. It looks like the ideas were rushed in after the first film. It is a film that needed more time to make and genuinely more editing and recasting.


STW: 15/30, D: 10/25, C: 5/8, E: 2/5, A: 6/10, PVD: 8/12, S: 5/10