MCU Review 1: Iron Man (2008)

Okay so as I mentioned some weeks ago, I will be presenting my reviews and rankings for the major film franchises. Where else to begin but the film franchise which has defined and ruled the current generation of cinema. The MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. Just note that after I have reviewed all the movies according to the release date, then only I will give my personal ranking. So let’s begin with the first release of this shared universe: IRON MAN (2008).

What to say? 10 years on from the release of this film would someone had predicted that this movie will start a franchise that would make over 20 billion dollars at the box office in just over a decade? I know I would have never. No one at that time might have known how successful it would become. Back then, if someone said that Iron Man is as popular as Batman, we all would have laughed our hearts out but now Iron Man is arguably as popular as Batman or at least close.

Iron Man tells the origin story of genius, billionaire, playboy Tony Stark who, while on his tour to war-torn Afghanistan for the demonstration of his new weaponry to the United States military, is ambushed & taken hostage by a terrorist group. While being captured, he works with another captive in designing an iron suit powerful enough to get him out of there. After returning to the US, he further refines his design to create a fully functional super suit. The plot covers the change his captivity brings in his entire personality.

Jon Favreau exceeds in direction giving Marvel a spectacular debut in superhero cinema. The screenplay is brimming with energy, wit & charm, and is brilliantly written & narrated. Robert Downey Jr was born to play Iron Man. He shines brightly in red and gold with a performance that’s absolutely fantastic, effortlessly charismatic, and also downright polished. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, and Terrence Howard also do justice to their roles with some amazing performances.

Ramin Djawadi’s fitting score is wonderful. AC/DC blaring through your ears is always awesome so credit to Ramin for a great selection of soundtrack.

As for the whole presentation, the pace of the film is great. Nothing is wasted and you would never get bored. The story is right on target. If this is how to begin then there could be nothing better. The bar is set high from film one of this mammoth franchise. Welcome MARVEL!


STW: 25/30, D: 23/25, C: 8/8, E: 5/5, A: 10/10, PVD: 12/12, S: 10/10