LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (2021) Movie Review

Last Night in Soho Movie Review

A complete stand-out film for director Edgar Wright, having previously done horror, dark, or action comedies. The contribution of the cinematography, style, and music will keep on reminding you that you are watching an Edgar Wright film. Last Night in Soho is pretty enjoyable for the most part as the 1960s and its styles are brought back to life.

You will love Ellie’s arc through the film when she is taken into Sandie’s past and sees it turned from a dream-but-true fantasy to a harsh reality tragedy. It kind of took a while before it started feeling like a horror film, but its build-up of events that would eventually lead to the scary moments was worth the wait as it is really suspenseful as the plot keeps unfolding. The big reveal of the old lady being Sandy will take you by surprise as the story structure brilliantly made things not what they seemed. There actually was a time when you will think that there was the twist, as her hairstyle looked the same as young Sandy, but when we were led to believe Sandy was the one being murdered, the thought will leave your head.

McKenzie was a pleasant surprise and Anna Taylor-Joy continues to show she can handle any role. In fact, the entire casting was spot on. The introduction to the 60s in this movie was a marvel to behold. The way it transitions and the awesome use of reflections left me in awe. The cinematography, costumes, set design, especially 60’s music is so enchanting and soothing alongside the exceptional color grading.

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That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems as there are some. Like how Ellie recovered from the poison’s effect so fast is illogical. The final scene too seemed absurd. A happy ending didn’t make much sense. Ellie nearly murdered Jacosta in a public library, hallucinated about murders, claimed a cop to be a killer. Realistically she would be sent to a mental institution after all that. And how did John manage to survive and recover so quickly after being stabbed and almost suffocated in a house set on fire?

Overall, Last Night in Soho is well-paced and entertaining enough, with likable characters and a generally smart and crafty script. However, the movie relies on its flashy looks and production to actually notch anything noteworthy. It’s a good enough movie but could’ve actually been special and I chalk this one down as a missed opportunity with no idea what genre it is or what messages to draw from it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.