KING RICHARD (2021) Movie Review

king richard 2021 movie review
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King Richard is a film which teaches you that anything is possible but more especially when you have that one person fighting for you. That one person who believes in you without fail. I appreciated the various life lessons included in the film about being humble and thankful but commanding respect at the same time despite where or what background you come from. Success doesn’t see age, race, or gender but sadly opportunity often does. Will Smith doesn’t let the lack of opportunity beat them as a family and the family is a team. The bigger picture is always knowing that there is a team involved in most successful people.

Arguably Will Smith’s best performance to date as an actor. Pursuit of happiness was oscar worthy as is his performance in this epic biopic. It has everything, it touched every emotion. Inspirational leadership, the true effects of nurturing parents, marriage principles, and humility. You will like that the story focused on the core family values and not the ugly truth of racism endured by these legends. The mental resilience shown by Richard in summary has simply put a man who saw the whole chessboard and refused to be a victim of history but a master of his destiny.

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This film delivers a stellar visual experience, choosing an unconventional narrative style as compared to traditional sports dramas. The entire narrative is from a big tennis players’ father’s perspective, capturing the essence of the man behind the girls’ legendary rise to fame from Compton right to the hallowed courts of Wimbledon! The only major thing it really lacked was more external Sports conflict but that wasn’t the main focus of the script so I don’t think that many people will mind that.

Overall, an incredible true journey. Important social themes are presented in the film that is thought-provoking at times while not being heavy-handed. In an era of comic-book-themed, big-budget films (which I enjoy as well), this film stands out as an example of how Cinema can make one think. Enjoy the experience all the while crunching on your popcorn.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.