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Being a fan of the Jurassic movies, this show has always been on my watchlist. Season One was a good start. Not great but good enough to merit other seasons. Although Season two was a downgrade from Season One, it was still decent enough for us fans. As for Season Three, the trailer was enough to hook me or any other fan of the franchise. I had a really good time watching this season which might get mistaken for something that appeals only to kids. The way it unfolded with episodes full of exciting action, never-ending tension, and several serious moments was nothing short of great and an indication that even adults can enjoy it.

It’s fun and worth watching at least once as it gives a parallel story to both the Jurassic World movies. It has great visuals as expected from DreamWorks animation, and also the background score is fantastic. If you feel the tension in the series, it’s because of the immersive visuals and music; mute them out and this could pass on as laughable. The overall direction of the plot is good as it gives an alternate version to the events which simultaneously were happening.

Now, the best part about Camp Cretaceous Season 3 was the integration of the preexisting Jurassic Park lore. This was done through the old visitor center. Every scene shot there was an absolute treat, especially the kitchen sequence with the Scorpius Rex which mostly mimicked the climax events of Jurassic Park. Talking about Scorpius Rex then it was absolutely terrifying. It brought back the terrifying chills which we haven’t experienced since The Lost World. The Indominus Rex wasn’t frightening and the Indoraptor, while great on some occasions, still felt comic because of the writing of Fallen Kingdom. At times, it did remind you of the unused human hybrid models from the unmade Jurassic Park 4 movie. Although, I am glad that movie never got made but it’s okay to use that idea in a controlled manner. And that’s exactly what the makers did here. It’s one of the most terrifying dinosaurs in this franchise. One other good thing was Dr. Wu’s character shown to be a little fearful for his creation. In the movies, he’s just a two-dimensional character who only cares about his inventions but not here. Yes, he does not do any good deeds but at least we’re shown that even he can have doubts or even care for someone or something. That is good heading into Dominion.


Now for the bad then obviously the biggest problem is that the children never feel to be in danger. Even though this is just animation, someone needs to die. You’re on a goddamn island filled with dinosaurs! And don’t forget that this show is canon in the main franchise. The kids scream and kick through the forest as they’re being hunted, but never once are they heard? They constantly disregard noise as a factor of survival, making the characters obnoxious and very annoying! Plus, we once again do not get anything from the Mantah Corp. setup from Season One.

Overall, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 3 is indeed very well made and stands almost at par with the live-action movies. It’s definitely better than the previous two seasons. Of course, watching adult heroes participate in the action scenes is fun, but then so is watching kids do the same. It’s very fast-paced and you can easily finish it in one sitting. The ride is so exciting it can leave you exhausted in a positive way. Although it has some core flaws which need to be addressed in Season 4, it’s still a very well-made show.

K- Score: 66%

STW: 17/30, D: 17/25, C: 6/8, E: 3/5, PVD: 8/12, A: 7/10, S: 8/10