JOKER Review: A film which Marvel can never make!

I had high expectations for this film but it even exceeded that. WOW! What can I say? This is not just the best film of the year but certainly one of the greatest in history!

From the iconic performance of Joaquin Phoenix to the amazing direction and background score. This film had it all. It’s a cinematic brilliance and once in a lifetime experience which will stay in your head for a long time.

It explores the life of Arthur Fleck, one of the most loved DC characters, who lives only with his mother and dreams to be a stand-up comedian. He has a medical condition which causes him to laugh at inappropriate situations. How society mistreats him is what the story is about. He is not a normal person but tries his entire life to merge with the normal world. He is unsuccessful in doing that, not because of him but because the normal world never really gives him the chance to be successful. That is what leads him to become the greatest villain in comic book history. His transformation is what truly will affect your experience. Climbing the steps in sadness and then walking down in joy will make you clap and whistle for a villain. Movies can be forgotten but performances will never be.

The backlash for the film is about it promoting violence but that is not actually what the film is truly about. It’s not about promoting violence but rather about what leads to people like Arthur to take such vicious paths. The problem is caused by how individuals see other individuals and how we treat them. It does not have to be a disabled person but can also be a poor person. Treating people equally is the cure for this problem but sadly it is something that our world lacks. That is basically the main theme of the film.

Director Todd Phillips does a wonderful job in creating this masterpiece. The narration of the story is sometimes very slow yet very effective. It’s dark and gritty tone is exactly what was needed to make this amazing picture. Joaquin Phoenix delivers what is one of the greatest performances in history. He is certainly going to win an Oscar for this. The character development of Arthur Fleck is so important and Joaquin lives every moment of it exceptionally. Of course, Heath Ledger’s Joker cannot be exceeded, but I do not know where else to put this performance. It’s nothing less than that and just might be actually better. He is a treat to watch!

The supporting cast also nailed it. The thrilling background score and amazing Cinematography are the other major plus points of the film. The main twist, in the end, was outstanding.

The final 20 minutes of the film will never ever be forgotten. One of the greatest cinematic experiences ever. I had goosebumps and so will people who will actually understand the film. I do not want to compare it with Marvel because they make good movies according to their tone but this is an example of how great DC are in storytelling which relates to the real world. So basically, it’s a film which Marvel can never make. Not that they have to because they make films based on their themes although, I do not think they could ever pull off something like this. The same goes for DC if they are to ever emulate a successful shared universe. For now, though, if non-canon movies are this good, who needs a shared universe?



STW: 28/30, D: 23/25, C: 8/8, E: 5/5, A: 10/10, PVD: 12/12, S: 10/10