HOUSE OF GUCCI (2021) Movie Review

House of Gucci Movie Review
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House of Gucci comes across like a book being read out loud; just a load of scenes all stuck together, quite unimaginative, and lackluster. It is a terrific and powerful story that wasn’t gripping enough to gain your attention till the end. More depth and a better script would have made this work, especially for these top-class actors.

The set design and costumes, however, were very befitting, combined with an excellent soundtrack. The stellar performances by Adam Driver and Lady Gaga pulled this long movie though. Jeremy Irons, even though I adore him, had a very thin character to play and even then, didn’t really pull it off. Jared Leto is sometimes amazing and sometimes over the top. Or maybe that’s how his character was in real life. I am not sure.

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The film took an unexpected twist from seeing the gold digger Patrizia evolve into a more saddened and discarded character, than one of complete sadness, desperation, and humiliation. I think that’s where the story fell apart. They want you to feel compassion for her but after the things, she did prior, it’s not even a case. I feel deep compassion for women in the world those who have pushed a subdued and entitled husband into the frontline of success and power. But she did it the wrong way. She took away what made Mauricio the person he was. Kind and caring. She was the one who made him into a power-hungry freak. She deserved whatever she got!

Overall, although I don’t think House of Gucci quite lives up to hype and marketing surrounding it, I certainly very strongly feel that it’s a film that would undoubtedly have far less interest on if it wasn’t for the drawcard name of its actors. Although, certainly, it’s still a film very much worth seeing.

Rating: 3 out of 5.