Fast and Furious 9 (2021) Review

Fast and Furious 9 Review
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Fast and Furious has become a Hollywood franchise that cannot realize that its stay is over which leads to the main storyline being stretched on for far too long. This makes it stumble bigger than ever with Fast 9.

The moronic storylines and outlandish scope of the Fast & Furious universe have always been rendered bearable by innovations in stunt choreography but this sequel falters in that aspect as well. It offers nothing new amidst the cacophony of chase sequences, car crashes, and grinding metal other than a nasty headache. Over the years, what made this franchise work so well was it working on a fine line of believable and stupidity. It always came close to that line but never crossed it. This time though, it crosses it by a fine margin. Even the characters in the film start calling themselves superheroes. And they do go to space this time!

If you still haven’t watched this film and are reading this review to know if it’s watchable or not then that depends on your expectations. If someone has somehow missed the previous eight installments, then he’ll sit there asking what on Earth is going on and how the heck Dominic Toretto has so many secret siblings he’s forgotten to mention over the past entries in this saga. If however, like the majority of people who will watch this film, you’ve been here since the beginning, then you know the recipe.

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Unfortunately, there is a post-credits scene that points to another sequel. Since we went to space in this one, I am sure we are traveling to Proxima-B next time. This is a franchise that cant die out fast enough. Maybe people like me are the main reason because we keep on helping it give out blockbuster after blockbuster. I wanted to back out of this franchise after watching this one but this is a relationship built on decades of experience. I know the rest of the fanbase understand this because, like me, they’ll also buy a ticket with popcorn on the first-day release of the next film.

Whether it be this review or another, a recommendation or warning, make no mistake; there is inevitably going to be more Furious entries with even crazier plots and stunts to follow. So, grab the pop-corn, be grateful cinemas are open again, enjoy the insanity and then book to watch a better film on your re-visit until the next entry.

K- Score: 34%

STW: 7/30, D: 4/25, E: 1/5, C: 5/8, PVD: 7/12, A: 5/10, S: 5/10