DON’T LOOK UP (2021) Movie Review

don't look up movie review
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Not all movies can be really great. What I gathered from this comedy-disaster film, was that it’s focusing on how the world and how many people ignore life-threatening events, but more specifically, climate change. I also think it was hinting towards how we handled the Covid-19 pandemic, along with political issues. Those are the areas where Don’t Look Up shines through. The plot is too cheesy and cringe to feel realistic but the messages are certainly not.

The comet and the crisis surrounding it are used as an effective metaphor to critique everything from modern society’s obsession with pop culture, how technology controls us rather than the other way around and also takes aim even at media and news channels and how they sensationalize even the most trivial of stories.

What keeps you gripped by this story are the amazing acting performances from the lead cast, the moments of fun, the scientific theories and approaches, strange twists and the plot. You will never get bored throughout the length of its runtime. There are big names on the cast list, but everyone gets their screen presence pie with the right balance and impact. Yes, in a way, it’s too Americanised. Its aim is to take a shot at America’s modern lifestyles but they also indirectly present them as earth’s only savior and the only relevant country to stop or grant a global action. It’s arrogant as it makes it look as if America is the center of the planet. It’s ironic as well because it’s completely opposite to what the film is trying to achieve.

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You will find the film to be brilliant at times. It had its moments of anxiety with some scary moments involving people in power, who during a global crisis only see the opportunity to make themselves even richer. The world rest in the hands of leaders who don’t really care about human life.

Overall, Don’t Look Up is mixed very well with drama and black comedy. It digs hard into the realities that are capitalism. The movie hits its targets but at one crucial point at the price of credibility. Of course, that might’ve been the aim. The metaphors and parodies sometimes hit too close to reality and serve as a massive shock to the system as well, making us question ourselves and how we let our politics and our prejudices override science and peer-reviewed research. Recommended!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.