Disney’s Investment in Star Wars

This will be short.

There is a point which I want to raise which isn’t part of the review. That point is that Disney needs to do a lot more to market Star Wars to the rest of the world. In our cinemas here in Fiji, there were only 3 shows scheduled on the opening compared to 6 or 7 for Jumanji which is in its second week, and the same for a nonsensical Bollywood film titled Dabangg. Even when I went inside the cinema, there were only 20 or so people present. I mean you can’t say that it’s Fiji and Star Wars is not much of a deal here because I remember what happened when Avengers: Endgame released. The cinemas were jam-packed from day one with no less than 12 shows a day. This trend continued for at least 2 weeks. My question is why can’t we have that kind of buzz for Star Wars. It’s the biggest film franchise on the planet. You might argue that Avengers has now built a bigger fan base but all of that success came from Disney’s purchase of the studio. If they can turn a franchise which nobody cared about a decade or so ago so why can’t they increase the capacity of a franchise which is already the second biggest media franchise in the world after Pokemon. China would be a great place to start since that has now become the biggest international market for Hollywood films. Star Wars already makes billions of dollars, imagine how much it will make if it becomes as popular as Marvel in China and other major Asian and international countries. Disney just needs to put more effort and investment into Star Wars.