COOLIE NO. 1 (2020) Review

coolie no 1 movie review

Movie Review: COOLIE NO. 1

2020 has been a really tough year for everyone, and the film industry is no different. But just when you thought that things can’t get any worse than what we already have, 2020 gives us the total garbage called Coolie No. 1. 
After being insulted by a rich businessman, pundit (priest) Jai Kishen tries to teach him a lesson by getting his daughter married to Raju, a Coolie, posing as a millionaire. Yup, that’s the story. That same simple priest books an expensive hotel, a yacht, and buys really expensive stuff like Gucci, just to break some businessman’s ego. That should sum up the entire film. Of course, having a stupid film idea can work sometimes if you concentrate on other departments like details, acting, and delivery or presentation but this film lacks wit in every other department as well. Not to mention, all the over-acting and sometimes no acting at all. We are living in the 21st century. Anyone can look-up anyone online. The film’s idea might’ve worked in the ’90s but it certainly doesn’t work now and especially looks dumber in the way it was presented. The film is filled with stupid ideas from start to finish. Just to give an example, there’s a scene in the end where the female lead forgives her husband just after finding out about the betrayal. Today’s women prefer to have some ‘Self Respect’ and their own IDENTITY. 
They don’t forgive men who didn’t even apologize to her properly, just because he is her “ONLY HUSBAND.” She even goes to a temple being a catholic! It’s just stupid. Let’s just stop the content review here. Sorry, there is no such thing as content in this movie!
Acting-wise, while Varun Dhawan has shown glimpses in the past about being a good actor, he has nothing to show here apart from over-acting. The rest of the supporting cast like Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, and Javed Jaffery suffer the same fate. They’re all great actors but are pushed down by the awful script and directing. As for Sara Ali Khan, my god, what a talent! I swear you can complete this movie without even noticing her. This is because she can’t even get the basic things right about her job, which is acting. I can’t even ask the question as to why she keeps on getting films because we all know the answer to that question. The script also doesn’t help her as she’s part of the film the same way as any actress is part of any Bollywood film; to shake their legs and smile like a dumb woman. None of these comments are because of Nepotism. I believe in chance. Doesn’t matter if you’re father is already part of the industry. If you can show that you can act, then good. See my reviews for Ananya Panday’s films. She’s taken the critics in a good way and improved herself but Sara, on the other hand, shows no promise at all but still gets big-budget movies. Not hard to think about why.
The Production and Visual design are poor as well. The action set-pieces are trademark over the top Bollywood which only deteriorates the already low set standards. The editing doesn’t even exist. The stupid songs in between make it even more stupid while the score is forgetful. 
Overall, the film seems to be made for timepass and with no intention of any kind for film making. The direction is upfront horrible, there is no acting at any point, pathetic dialogues and editing, and poor score. The chemistry between lead pairs is bad and the whole ensemble does not leave any stone unturned in regards to overacting throughout the film in sync with the lead actors.

K- SCORE: 9%

STW: 1/30, D: 1/25, C: 3/8, E: 0/5, A: 0/10, PVD: 2/12, S: 2/10