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loki review

LOKI (2021) Review

Marvel has always had problems with bland and goofy writing that makes it feel too adult for a children’s show but too childish and shallow for a film for grownups. The beginning moments Loki are pretty cringe and confusing. It gets better, but not by much.

black widow movie review

BLACK WIDOW (2021) Review

If you are willing to watch a film filled with really bad attempts at family drama, poor CGI-focused action sequences, and an ending like the writer and director quit before the completion of the movie, well then Black Widow is the film for you.

a quiet place 2 movie review


John Krasinski’s directorial A Quiet Place Part II has shown us how good a sequel can be. The second part is might not be more nerve-racking or emotional than the first one, yet, it delivers a story that grips the spectator’s neck from the start till the end making it one of the best edge of the seat thrillers that you will experience.

the conjuring 3 movie review


Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It feels a tad more jumbled as if dozens of pieces of a creative puzzle were never fully assembled. The film also feels somewhat rushed, with the story abandoning the legal aspects of the case and leaving certain characters in the dust. But these types of movies have always been known for its horror elements, so does it win in that department? Yes and No.

cruella movie review

CRUELLA (2021) Review

An imaginative retelling of a classic story with just enough twist and revelation to add authenticity to an origin telling. Cruella is a tonic served with dark humor and outrageous fashion against a backdrop of seventies punk rock and revolution. If you go into it with the right expectations, then this film is bloody brilliant. It really delivers what it promises to be; wildly entertaining.

the unholy movie review

THE UNHOLY (2021) Review

The Unholy starts out with an interesting plot and has a couple of good actors/actresses throughout. However, the horror element is basically non-existent because of how the villain looks or reacts and how unnecessary her character ends up being. All that without mentioning just how stupid the religious elements are. But that’s not a surprise, isn’t it?

camp cretaceous season 3 review


Being a fan of the Jurassic movies, this show has always been on my watchlist. Season One was a good start. Not great but good enough to merit other seasons. Although Season two was a downgrade from Season One, it was still decent enough for us fans. As for Season Three, the trailer was enough to hook me or any other fan of the franchise. I had a really good time watching this season which might get mistaken for something that appeals only to kids.