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hum do hamare do review

HUM DO HAMARE DO (2021) Movie Review

The film’s fascinating reason was obvious from the trailer and fortunately, the director had the fortitude to develop that to convey an endearing yet very predictable story in general. At times, it will feel too bland but still offers enough to sit through the end.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Movie Review

RESIDENT EVIL: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) Movie Review

Even though my expectations were so low for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, this is somehow worse than the previous Resident Evil movies. If Resident Evil Biohazard showed anything is that gamers were begging for back-to roots noir look Resident Evil but this just falls into the same traps and tropes for both horror and action.

house of gucci movie review

HOUSE OF GUCCI (2021) Movie Review

House of Gucci comes across like a book being read out loud; just a load of scenes all stuck together, quite unimaginative, and lackluster. It is a terrific and powerful story that wasn’t gripping enough to gain your attention till the end. More depth and a better script would have made this work, especially for these top-class actors.

king richard movie review

KING RICHARD (2021) Movie Review

King Richard is a film which teaches you that anything is possible but more especially when you have that one person fighting for you. That one person who believes in you without fail. I appreciated the various life lessons included in the film about being humble and thankful but commanding respect at the same time despite where or what background you come from. Success doesn’t see age, race, or gender but sadly opportunity often does. Will Smith doesn’t let the lack of opportunity beat them as a family and the family is a team. The bigger picture is always knowing that there is a team involved in most successful people.

belfast 2021 movie review

BELFAST (2021) Movie Review

One often finds that it is when filmmakers are the most honest with themselves and most authentic with their stories that they form a transcendent connection with their audiences. Director Kenneth Branagh’s personal tale “Belfast” becomes such a triumph purely because of the deeply personal nature of the storyline.

tick tick boom movie review

TICK TICK BOOM (2021) Movie Review

I’ve been eagerly waiting to see Tick Tick Boom ever since In The Heights. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for musicals and if you watch this movie then you can understand why. It was well worth the wait. Lin-Manuel Miranda is an absolute genius.

netflix red notice movie review

RED NOTICE (2021) Movie Review | NETFLIX

A pure formula film that nods to the classic heist and adventure movies without adding anything new. It’s kind of sad to see The Rock and Gal Gadot sleepwalking through scenes and while Ryan Reynolds’ motormouth schtick can be entertaining here, you can’t build an entire film around his persona.

movie review last night in soho

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (2021) Movie Review

A complete stand-out film for director Edgar Wright, having previously done horror, dark, or action comedies. The contribution of the cinematography, style, and music will keep on reminding you that you are watching an Edgar Wright film. Last Night in Soho is pretty enjoyable for the most part as the 1960s and its styles are brought back to life.