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the top ten movies of 2021


2020 was a pandemic-fueled disaster that kept film fanatics at home to watch their favorite films. And though many of us went back to the movies, blockbusters returned and streaming services dominated, 2021 was still a strange year that concluded with the magnum opus Spider-Man: No Way Home.


DON’T LOOK UP (2021) Movie Review

Not all movies can be really great. What I gathered from this comedy-disaster film, was that it’s focusing on how the world and how many people ignore life-threatening events, but more specifically, climate change. I also think it was hinting towards how we handled the Covid-19 pandemic, along with political issues. Those are the areas where Don’t Look Up shines through. The plot is too cheesy and cringe to feel realistic but the messages are certainly not.

nightmare alley movie review

NIGHTMARE ALLEY (2021) Movie Review

Nightmare Alley is an absolutely fantastic film. Del Toro, as well as the cast, comes together in a sensational fashion. A world where every movie is a superhero CGI whitewashed experience crafted for maximum profit is not one that I want to live in. It’s fast food for your brain, it’s not an experience. Films like this are that meal you ate while on vacation in that cafe with the unforgettable waiter and desert that you’ve never had before, or the one that you will never forget.

83 movie review

A Sporting Delight! | 83 Movie Review (2021)

Making a film based on a real sporting event is very difficult, especially making one that could stand out for its idea, production, characterisation, script, as well as execution. 83 manages to do all that being as big, and as a pleasant surprise as a World Cup win may suffice.

sooryavanshi movie review

SOORYAVANSHI (2021) Movie Review

Sooryavanshi is a pure wholesome family entertainment film with all commercial elements for an action movie. Although the story is predictable with a slow screenplay, the actor’s screen presence carries it through.

movie review shang chi

Yay and Nay | SHANG CHI (2021) Movie Review | Marvel

Shang Chi is a spectacle in regards to action sequence and fighting choreography. Visual effects combined with the martial arts look very pleasing and somewhat well-executed. Another new world of fantasies and mystical creatures seems enthralling. But what the movie has in abundance brought through visual richness lacks a strong storyline for an origin story.

west side story movie review

WEST SIDE STORY (2021) Movie Review

Steven Spielberg knows how to stage a movie and deliver. In this instance the remake that he’s counting on appeals to a younger audience that doesn’t know the stage play or original movie. It’s all perfectly fine for West Side Story, as long as you can forget not to remind yourself this iteration is supposed to be a holiday blockbuster.

hum do hamare do review

HUM DO HAMARE DO (2021) Movie Review

The film’s fascinating reason was obvious from the trailer and fortunately, the director had the fortitude to develop that to convey an endearing yet very predictable story in general. At times, it will feel too bland but still offers enough to sit through the end.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City Movie Review

RESIDENT EVIL: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) Movie Review

Even though my expectations were so low for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, this is somehow worse than the previous Resident Evil movies. If Resident Evil Biohazard showed anything is that gamers were begging for back-to roots noir look Resident Evil but this just falls into the same traps and tropes for both horror and action.