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coma movie review

COMA (2020) Movie Review

Coma is a 2020 Russian Sci-Fi film released in dubbed English version. It’s about a man who awakes in a chaotic dystopian world filled with memories of comatose patients and nonexistent laws of physics. Anyone who goes to a coma goes to that world as per the initial setup but we later find out that it’s just a mad scientist’s experiment. It may be Russian but it has all the Hollywood signage in it.

GREENLAND (2020) Review

A thrilling, emotional, hard-hitting, action-filled, rollercoaster for which you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen for its entire runtime. This movie showcases how humans (civilians and governments) might act towards each other in this type of global disaster.

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MINARI (2020) Review

Movie Review: MINARI   The tragic story of a Korean family moving to Arkansas to live their American dream yet things don’t normally go...