JURASSIC WORLD Camp Cretaceous Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

Universal and Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming season of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. We see the kids trying to escape the island using a raft but are unsuccessful as a tidal wave brings them back to the island. We also later find out that they have unsuccessful in various attempts to leave the island.

One great thing to note from the trailer is the fact that we get to see the old visitor center from the original Jurassic Park which is very nostalgic. Although, it doesn’t look exactly the same. I am so excited as I think the Jurassic World movies haven’t treated the old park with the respect that it deserves.

We also get to see the broken door from the end of Season 2 that contained E750. We also get many glimpses of the creature as well which looks like a modified raptor. The dark and gothic feels remind you of Fallen Kingdom which is a great sign.

One last thing of note is that when we get to see Dr. Henry Wu’s log video, there are folders on the desktop with different names similar to the E750. That should mean that the Indominus, Indoraptor, and the E750 aren’t the only experiments he was doing.

All I want from this season is not to be too childish as most of the stuff from Season 2 but follow a narrative similar to Season 1 as it is canon to the Jurassic Franchise.

All-new episodes of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous are coming to Netflix on May 21st!

You can watch the trailer below and comment what you thought about it.