Demon Slayer beats Mortal Kombat – BOX OFFICE REPORT (03/05/2021)

A weekend ago, the two new deliveries fought without holding back right to the end, with Mortal Kombat barely beating Demon Slayer. Yet, presently, simply seven days after the fact, the two movies have traded positions in another film industry nail-biter. Furthermore, this time, it was FUNimation Entertainment’s anime experience Demon Slayer that dominated the competition by the tightest of edges.

1. Demon Slayer

Effectively a bonafide blockbuster abroad, the R-appraised Demon Slayer pulled in $6.4 million this weekend in the US. It was a plunge of 69.7% from the past outline. Though, the film dealt with a $3,359 per-screen average in 1,905 theaters. More noteworthy is the way the film has performed abroad. Its $394.3 million take predominates its current $34.1 million homegrown aggregate. Its combined overall gross to date remains at $428.4 million, which makes it the most noteworthy anime film ever. It is likewise the most elevated earning film in Japan ever with its $368 million around there. On the homegrown front, the film is presently the third-most earning anime film ever behind just Pokemon: The First Movie and Pokemon: The Movie 2000.

box office report demon slayer

2. Mortal Kombat

With respect to the recently brought down Mortal Kombat, the second-place finisher added $6.2 million this past weekend, enrolling a similarly huge -73.4% drop from the earlier frame. The R-rated depiction of the hit videogame establishment scored a $1,991 per-screen average in 3,114 theaters carrying its fourteen day homegrown total to $34.1 million. Up until this point, it has added $32.8 million from abroad domains, bringing its overall film collection absolute to $66.9 million.

box office report mortal kombat

3. Godzilla v. Kong

In third spot again was Warner Bros.’ kaiju lords, Godzilla versus Kong, which gathered $2.7 million in its fifth weekend since release. The titanic PG-13-evaluated tentpole lost some more steam, dropping off – 36.1% from the earlier time frame. Godzilla versus Kong’s homegrown all out now sits at $90.3 million. In the event that it continues to thunder along for a couple more weeks, it should turn into the first film since the pandemic started to cross the $100-million imprint locally. In the interim, in the wake of adding the beast blend’s $325.1 million from abroad, its overall total absolute is a sound $415.4 million.

box office report godzilla vs kong

4. Seperation

In the fourth spot was the debut of Open Road’s horror flick Separation, which found $1.8 million in its introduction. Regardless of poor reviews, the R-rated film about a little girl and her dad being haunted procured a $1,045 per-screen average in 1,751 theaters. It has not yet opened abroad.

box office report seperation

5. Raya and the Last Dragon

In the fifth spot was Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon. In its 10th week, the PG-appraised cushioned its take with $1.3 million locally, falling – 23.3% from a weekend ago. Regardless of additionally being accessible as a top notch VOD rental on the Disney+ streaming service for a $30 charge, the film had a $737 per-screen average in 1,810 theaters, bringing its homegrown total to $41.6 million. Abroad, Raya has piled up $59.3 million to date, pushing its present overall all out to around $100.9 million.

box office report raya and the last dragon

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