BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: The Misunderstood Masterpiece!

Movie Review: BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice (2016) Ultimate Edition

Batman v Superman brings the best combatant match in the comic books field to the film canvas in the entirety of its true to life magnificence. It is an overwhelming blockbuster that offers invite redesigns in many aspects, indeed prods with fascinating thoughts, and manages to be both a superior and more vulnerable continuation of its predecessor. 
Much the same as Man of Steel, there are many moments of significance present in this entry. Likewise, the initial credits scene that silently flips through Bruce Wayne’s adolescence is downright a pearl. Even after that, when we re-live the Man of Steel’s final battle. At that time, we were enjoying the action but this time, we see it from a human’s point of view. And trust me, it’s horrendous. The entire primary act is amazingly encouraging and that continues until the climax which is the only thing that was average in this movie. 
Now, the infamous Martha scene. This was probably the most misunderstood scene in the movie. There’s a point during the battle when Bruce says that he bet his parents taught him that he means something, that he’s here for a reason. The way he says it indicates that he believes that those are the only parents Superman has ever known, that he is a complete alien with no humanity in him whatsoever. Remember that this version of Batman is built up as only a shadow of what he once was. He’s someone who’s losing his mind after protecting Gotham for more than 20 years and losing everyone he cared about. Just when he is about to stab Superman with the kryptonite spear, Clark says the line “You’re letting him…kill Martha.” Bruce ceases his action at that very moment. He realizes that Superman is not a heartless monster who doesn’t care about humans, but a man who has a lover and a human mother, people that he loves dearly, effectively humanizing him in Bruce’s eyes. He also realizes just how low he has fallen. Any person, human or alien, fighting for the safety of his mother is no villain. Remember, Martha wasn’t even Superman’s real mother. After this, Bruce no longer sees himself as the better man, but now he realizes that he is the true villain and one who almost went to the point of no turning back. He now sees that if he murdered Superman, he would be forever stuck in the cave of darkness, with no light to escape to. This is how indirectly, Superman helps redeem Batman. That’s how powerful and meaningful that scene was.
A most critical aspect regarding this subsequent part is the interpretation of Batman in it. There’s a meanness to him that we haven’t seen previously and this vigilante of Gotham is merciless and unforgiving in spreading dread and fear in the criminal world. He wouldn’t fret pummeling them almost to death or breaking their bones or in any event, executing a couple of them, and I for one cherished all of Ben Affleck’s version. Gal Gadot is conceivably far better as Wonder Woman and takes each scene she shows up in. 
The feeling of operatic glory and visual stylish Snyder brings to the screen is commendable however even he doesn’t have the foggiest idea when and where to stop, for the last standoff certainly exceeds its greeting and feels enlarged. A specific champion section for me is that montage of Superman sparing individuals while a contention over the presence of this God among men unfurls simultaneously. The Ultimate Edition is a million times better than the theatrical version as the story stream is more smoothed out in that adaptation. I think Warner are to blame as I am sure the Ultimate Edition would’ve been loved and not hated.
Hans Zimmer collaborates with Junkie XL to give the score yet all the last does is make it noisy and stunning which is great in its own way. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is dreadful to the point that his nonappearance would’ve really profited this story. The only thing I liked about him was his character’s motivation. He was supposed to be earth’s the man of tomorrow but Superman’s arrival takes that away from him. That’s why he sets up the battle between Batman and Superman. And as a plan B, he creates Doomsday with his blood. He even says the line “blood of my blood” obviously expecting him to follow his commands. Of course, that plan went south as Doomsday was uncontrollable. 
In general, Batman v Superman pits two of DC Comics‘ most noteworthy behemoths against each other in what’s a blessing from heaven moment for comic-book fans.  The showdown satisfies its expectations to a degree, and Snyder’s expressive twists further inspire the symbolism. Though, the forced CGI climax is the only disappointing moment. In any case, when it gets things right, it is as epic and extraordinary as any superhero film can get.

K- SCORE: 94%

STW: 28/30, D: 24/25, C: 8/8, E: 4/5, A: 8/10, PVD: 12/12, S: 10/10