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another life season 2 series review
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Another Life is about saving the earth from an alien threat but we have to send a bunch of teenagers into space to achieve that. That sums it up, doesn’t it?

Sci-Fi is my favorite genre but not when it’s done like this. The premise for the mission itself makes minimal sense. If they had FTL for so long, then why haven’t they explored anywhere at all? A few months travel away at most, and no one has been there yet? Not even an unmanned probe of some sort, which would be no struggle at all. No one is professional, clearly, no one has ever had a psych evaluation of any sort ever. Did diplomat send into space with no space training at all? Not even a few quick trips around in a machine on earth to get used to different scenarios? The crew is mostly a bunch of kids so there’s not much you could ask for.

What is the crew even for? They only seem to fight and have sex. It looks like the AI is running everything on its own. How can they all have been trained at the same academy by the same person, have crewed ships together before, but have no established relationships at all, and be essentially strangers?

An absurd and disjointed plot filled with paper-thin characters that would never be put in charge of running a hotdog stand, let alone a highly technical space mission. Each episode is about white people, bad decisions, the ship ready to explode, and sex to step in at the last second to save the day. If that sort of thing is your stuff then have at it. But for the rest of us, it’s a sad pathetic attempt to club us with woke shit!

K- Score: 30%

STW: 5/30, D: 5/25, C: 4/8, E: 1/5, PVD: 7/12, A: 3/10, S: 5/10


The worst thing about Season 1 was the teenagers and the first thing this season does is to kill them off. Perfect! It’s clearly learned from its mistakes. And it’s not just that. Season 2 is 100 times better than Season 1 in almost everything.

I enjoyed the premise, the challenges thrown at the characters, and their approach to solving all the problems they encountered. I appreciated knowing who they were fighting again along with the ultimate dilemma of the question; do they really come in peace, are they really here to help or it is a ploy before they subjugate us their will? That and more questions were answered in this season you will enjoy all the episodes it takes to complete the show.

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What was more satisfying is the season finale. Even if the show doesn’t continue which is very likely, it is a good ending. If it does continue, it would be fun to see Niko and her crew exploring other planets and making first contact with actually peaceful beings like Star Trek.

The biggest problem is the Science Fiction elements as it still lacks the horror of being in space as it becomes too easy to solve cosmic problems. But the show doesn’t pretend to be science-oriented but rather it is more about character drama and action that happens to be in space or on the spaceship.

Overall, it’s a huge improvement from the disastrous Season 1. Unfortunately, how well the season ended, it doesn’t seem as though there would be a season 3. At least, it goes out with a bang! Highly recommended!

K- Score: 72%

STW: 22/30, D: 18/25, C: 6/8, E: 3/5, PVD: 9/12, A: 8/10, S: 6/10