A Quiet Place 2 Review
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John Krasinski’s directorial A Quiet Place Part II has shown us how good a sequel can be. The second part is might not be more nerve-racking or emotional than the first one, yet, it delivers a story that grips the spectator’s neck from the start till the end making it one of the best edge of the seat thrillers that you will experience. The director has presented us with a good story, where you will also live in that world even without your knowledge. Every second of the movie is so tense that you will expect something to happen every second.

In this one, Regan becomes the lead character as she paves her way into an unknown journey where they can live without these alien monsters. Great credit should go to all actors in the movie because every monster we see was CGI, which means that they were added later to the reel. Each actor needed to create an imaginary world by themselves so that they could give their best shot by acting in their particular scenes and they were all at their best. What was more fascinating was the arcs as the children who were afraid and running away from these creatures stood against them in the end. Showing that they are matured now and ready to face their fears in order to survive in the world. Emily Blunt’s character was too damn good and I was happy for the makers to cast Cillian Murphy as it was a great choice for the film it looked like no one else could have done their part better than anyone. Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds’s acting are really good and I wish they both get more movies in the future.

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Talking about the creatures then that’s where one of the weak points of these film are. What made the first one so horrific was how dangerous these beings were. This one has the horror feels, make no mistakes about it but it’s nowhere near anything like the first. The no noise policy also doesn’t have many implications at most parts as you can have a moment or two to get away. Also, The film can be predictable at times. Especially, in terms of how certain scenes will play out and how things will be solved. With the genre being horror, it is very annoying when a film follows old tropes. This can be when characters make stupid or questionable decisions that narrative-wise make no sense, apart from pushing the plot forward. That’s horror for you.

Overall, A Quiet Place Part II is an amazing movie. It’s fresh, intense, and is certainly a worthy sequel to the first one. Nowhere near it but good enough to work. The narrative seemed a bit rushed and sometimes predictable but those are only a few flaws with this movie. Highly recommended.

K- Score: 90%

STW: 26/30, D: 27/30, C: 8/8, E: 4/5, PVD: 10/12, A: 10/10, S: 10/10